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    Quote Originally Posted by asuarez
    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    Because Tuesday is a word and your last name, Smallman, is comprised of two words, I'd personally avoid a word name in the middle (ie: Rose or Lake).

    Tuesday Rose Smallman (worried about overused Rose but we like the way it sounds): I'd personally avoid a word name in the middle. I do think that Tuesday Rose sounds pretty, but it reminds me of Nicole Kidman's baby, Sunday Rose, and with Rose Smallman, the Ss run together when I say it out loud. You may also like Tuesday Rosabel.

    Tuesday Paige Smallman: Even though it's spelled Paige and not Page, I think of a page in Tuesday's paper. I think a name without a long A sound (Day and the Pay sound rhyme) would sound great!

    Tuesday Claire Smallman: I love it!! :-)

    Tuesday Rae Smallman (meaningful b/c my grandmothers name was Rachel and we were very close): Even though it has a long A sound, I think its meaning to you is way more important. :-)

    Tuesday Layne Smallman: I like some of the other names more...

    Tuesday Lake Smallman (Lake is a family name): I like the sound of Tuesday Claire more, and I love names that aren't words with Tuesday and your last name.

    I thought I read that you were looking for a Spanish middle name, but maybe that was on a different thread. Most of them didn't work with Tuesday to me, but I think that Tuesday Maria Smallman is really pretty.

    In addition to Tuesday Maria, some other combos with longer middles that you may like:

    Tuesday Alexandra
    Tuesday Amelia
    Tuesday Olivia (popular, though)

    I also really love the idea of Tuesday Elizabeth, because even though Elizabeth is a safe middle, I think it words really well with the more offbeat Tuesday. Plus, her initials would spell TES, and she could always use "Tess" as a nickame.

    Tuesday Claire is my favorite on your list, but I love the meaning behind Tuesday Rae. I think that Tuesday is adorable, and I'd love to meet a little Tuesday!

    Good luck! :-)
    You brought up some really great husband and I are sitting here reading you email and very very happy to have your suggestions. I never even thought of Tuesday Maria Smallman. Maria is my hispanic grandmothers name, so that is a good one! We are leaning toward Tuesday Claire but Tuesday Elizabeth is also a great combo. Thanks so much for your input :)
    Hi! You're welcome! I love Tuesday Maria Smallman! I've always thought Maria was a gorgeous name. :-) I was thinking of Tuesday Emilia, too, until I realized that pronounced in Spanish, it has a long A at the beginning. :-(

    I really, really love Tuesday Claire, too!

    Whatever you choose, I hope it's something you love! :-)

    Take care!

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