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Thread: Avalon's Sister

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    Re: Avalon's Sister

    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    Hi! How've you been? :-) I love Briar Victoria and Briar Eloise, but if I can only vote for one, I'll go with Briar Victoria. I'm so glad it's still on your list!

    I think that Lilac is great, too!

    Lilac Genevieve
    Lilac Jessamine (floral theme, though)
    Lilac Josephine

    Ciel Charlotte: I absolutely love Ciel with Avalon! Like Briar, Ciel feels romantic and mysterious to me like Avalon. Ciel Genevieve just came to mind, too...

    Elodie Victoria: I think it's really pretty. I think I can better see a more unusual name with Avalon, though.

    Haven Eliza: I LOVE Eliza! :-) I'll vote for one of the others because Haven and Avalon's beginning sounds (Hayv/Av) are pretty similar to me.

    Grier Charlotte: I can better see some of the others with Avalon, but I love both names!

    Cambria Violet: I love the flow of this, and I can definitely see Cambria and Avalon as sisters.

    My favorites with Avalon: Briar, Ciel, and Cambria. (I love Lilac, too, but can just better see the others with Avalon.)

    I think you have a great list!

    Good luck! :-)
    Hi Jill! I'm ready for this baby to arrive (past ready) and so excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl. How are you?

    Lilac Genevieve is pretty. Thanks!

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    Re: Avalon's Sister

    Elodie Victoria is my favorite from your list. I also love Lilac.
    Lilac Victoria or Lilac Eloise would be pretty.
    congrats! I love the name Avalon too!

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    Re: Avalon's Sister

    Quote Originally Posted by cocomae
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm due this week with a delivery surprise. I have one daughter named Avalon.

    Our favorite name right now is Briar Eloise or Briar Victoria. I just want some backups in case she doesn't look like a Briar.

    We also like Lilac. Any middle name suggestions for Lilac?

    Other names we like are:

    Ciel Charlotte
    Elodie Victoria
    Haven Eliza
    Grier Charlotte
    Cambria Violet

    What name do you like best for Avalon's sister? Any suggestions?
    I love Cambria Violet. I think that Cambria is a great sister for Avalon.
    I also love Briar Eloise. Briar Violet isn't as satisfying as Briar Eloise. I will have to think about why that is.

    Lilac is pretty!

    Lilac Hermione
    Lilac Jane
    Lilac Rowena
    Lilac Susanna
    Lilac Vivienne

    More ideas - Avalon and
    Clementine - Avalon means "the island of apples" and Clementine is French for tangerine.

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    Re: Avalon's Sister

    I love briar victoria. Lilac is super cute and goes well with Avalon.
    Ciel Charlotte- like ciel but charlotte doesnt flow well.
    Elodie Victoria-sounds like a shortened Melody, i dont lke it
    Haven Eliza- not as nice as your other names
    Grier Charlotte- too unisex
    Cambria Violet- very cute BUT i like Briar and Lilac better.

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    Re: Avalon's Sister

    Without a doubt Ciel.
    Psalm 23

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