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    Middle name for Mia

    My current fave name, both my husband and I like is Mia (pron Mee-uh). What middle names do you all suggest for it?
    I think it goes well with my other daughter's name, Dani (which is not a nn for anything else), and I don't mind that some think Mia is a a nickname name. I think it stands well on its own.
    Some middle names I like are:
    -Belle (grandmas name)

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    Re: Middle name for Mia

    Mia Caroline
    Mia Catherine
    Mia Rosalie
    Mia Scarlett
    Mia Vivienne

    Short middles:

    Mia Blythe
    Mia Jane
    Mia Paige
    Mia Pearl (Then again, with a noun in the middle, it sounds like someone's describing herself, saying "Me a pearl.")

    Good luck! :-)

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    somewhere in Europe

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    Re: Middle name for Mia

    Mia Eloise would be cute. I like a 3 syllable mn for Mia, such as
    Mia Lorelai
    Mia Caroline
    Mia Eleanor
    Mia Rosalind

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    Re: Middle name for Mia

    I think Mia Belle is pretty cute, but i think i prefer Mia Bella - although Bella is becoming quite popular so not sure how you would feel about that....

    other suggestions:
    Mia Elisabeta
    Mia Lydia
    Mia Sofia (So-fy-uh)
    Mia Jeannie

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