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    When you are 24 you get married to the man of your dreams and take a two-week honeymoon wherever you want! He pays for everything ;o)
    What is your name? Mine: Emily Anne Wood
    What is your husband's name? Mine: Bradley James Wood
    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Mine: London

    You decide to focus on your careers for a while and he attends grad school while you work full time. When you are 26 you get pregnant and a month after your 27th birthday you have a little baby boy! You are both so happy ) You give your son a middle name relating to the season he was born in.
    What do you name your son? Mine: Eamon James Harold

    When your little man is two you start getting baby fever again, but lucky for you you are already preggo again! You have another little boy and your husband couldn't be more thrilled. You want his first name to be the same style as his brothers but not matchy, and his middle name to be after your husband's father.
    What is Son #2's name? Mine: Tiago John William

    A few years later Son #1 is five and Son #2 is three and you really want a little girl so your hubby agrees to try for a third baby. You try and try but you wind up taking fertility treatments and get pregnant with twins! A girl and a boy are born happy and healthy nine months later. Their first and middle names should both mean the same thing.
    What do you name your daughter? Mine: Isobel Ebony Anne
    What do you name Son #3? Mine: Tiago Cole Johnny

    Phew! You have four little ones to chase around now when you unexpectedly get laid off at work and your hubby is the only one with an income. Fortunately you have a large savings which comes in handy. When your oldest is eight, your second is six, and your twins are three, you get pregnant again unexpectedly! You have another little girl which is great because Daughter #1 has been begging for a sister. You let the kids help name the new baby.
    What is Daughter #2's name? Mine: Miranda Moonbeam May

    Now you are sure you are done! But life has other plans for you. One day Son #2 who is now seven brings home a friend the same age from school. She makes a mess and as you are helping her change into some old clothes you notice she's been burned by a cigarette. You call child services who come to take the little girl away from her parents, but your son begs you to let her stay with you. You agree to foster her and soon she is part of the family. You adopt her. She is already named something very different in style from your kids but with a cute nickname that everyone calls her from now on.
    What is her name? Mine: Addisenne Harmonee June "Addie"

    Wow so you have six kids which is more than you ever expected! But life goes on as always and soon your youngest daughter will graduate high school, and on top of that, Son #2 just proposed to his girlfriend! They already have an eight-month old baby boy together. He has a classic first name but an "old" sounding mn.
    What is DIL #1's name? Mine:Jade Elizabeth Wood
    What is Grandson #1's name? Mine: William Thomas

    Son #2 and DIL #1 get married and pretty soon Son #1 asks his longtime French girlfriend to marry him. They get married and start trying for kids right away. She gets pregnant with twin girls and they're delivered early but healthy eight months later. She gives them matchy first names despite your warnings and French middle names to honor her heritage.
    What is DIL #2's name? Mine: Michelle Amelie
    What is Granddaughter #1's name? Mine: Tia Michelle
    What is Granddaughter #2's name? Mine: Zia Amelie

    Your only grandson is the prince of the family but soon DIL #1 gets pregnant again. They have another baby boy! DIL #1's uncle has just passed away and he raised her from a toddler, so she names their second son after him. Unfortunately his name is Alfred Englebert! Oh no!
    What is Grandson #2's name? Mine: Alfie Frederick

    Daughter #1 graduates from medical school and joins the Peace Corps. and is sent to South Africa. By the time she comes back she brings her fiance with her! He has a traditional African name but uses an English nickname for the most part. They have a civil service ceremony the next month.
    What is SIL #1's name? Mine:Imanu Anan "Isaac"

    Within the next year both Son #1 and Daughter #1 announce that they're pregnant! You're overwhelmed by all your beautiful grandkids and can't wait to have more. Son #1 and his wife have a third girl. They give her a French fn and a color Mn. Daughter #1 has a boy. They give him a first name in the top 100 and an African mn.
    What is Granddaughter #3's name? Mine: Miette Lavender
    What is Grandson #3's name? Mine: Angus Anan

    Son #3 comes to you after your new grandkids are born and tells you his girlfriend of only six months is pregnant and he doesn't know what to do. In the end they decide to keep the baby but lo and behold they have triplets! Shortly after the babies are born, his girlfriend takes off for another man and leaves him with the 3 unnamed babies, two girls and a boy. He names one of the girls after you and the boy after your husband and the other girl gets the mn Faith.
    What is Granddaughter #4's name? Mine: Emma Annabelle
    What is Granddaughter #5's name? Mine: Georgia Faith
    What is Grandson #4's name? Mine: Taj William

    Daughter #3 never gets married because of her past but she does move out and get two pugs. You choose the genders and names.
    Grandpug #1's name: Mine: Lilac
    Grandpug #2's name: Mine: Bobby
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