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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    If you want to be Grandma in your early forties I don't see a problem.

    However, Catherine may feel that she is stealing your thunder if she goes by Nana too, so if that is the case and you think she really wants the Nana moniker just reassure her that you don't mind her sharing the Nana title.

    My son's children call both myself and their other grandmother Nanny. However, early in the peace we found out when talking to the first grandchild on the phone we had to differentiate to the child which Nanny she was talking to.

    We told our granddaughter that I was Nanny plus my first name but the other nanny was just called Nanny.

    Well out of that we found out that the she started to call the one who was just Nanny "Just Nanny" and I am Nanny plus first name.

    Who would have thought that the child would think that Just and Nanny was a name?

    Anyway we think it is really cute having a "Just Nanny".

    We are all happy and now that the grandchildren are getting older they often call me Nanny.

    Another alternative is Nan which I really like.
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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    I know a few who go by G-ma, that's "Gee-mah"

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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    The only ones i know other then Grandma are Granny, Mammaw and Meemaw.

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