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    A name for the "grandmother"

    Although she's excited about her new role, baby Jane Violet's maternal "grandmother" (my daughter) is fairly young -- 43 -- to take on that title and has been trying to come up with a name for Jane to call her.

    It used to be that nearly every woman who was fortunate to have a grandchild was called "Grandma", but now "the G-word", as I used to say :) , is not as much in favor. When I became a "grandmother" at age 41, I immediately announced that I would be Nana, and my husband, who wouldn't have minded being "Grandpa" at all, somehow became "Papa". I've told Catherine she can be "Nana" also (just as we're both "Mom" to our children), but she says Nana is my name in the family, and she wants a different title. (I have many young grandchildren, so that Jane will grow up with her mother's young cousins who are just slightly older than she, with one almost exactly her age (due in April). They all call me "Nana" and I expect Jane will too.)

    If you were to become a grandmother in your early 40s, would you be "Grandma" or go by a different grandma sort of name?

    Do you have any suggestions for my daughter?

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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    We always called my paternal g-ma 'Babushka' or 'Yaya' both are titles for Grandmother in Russian and Greek
    some other titles I've heard or come across are

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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    Hmm...I think I'd probably want a younger sounding name, too, but then again, there's a chance I'd be comfortable being called "Grandma."

    I have a friend who calls her Grandma "Mimi," and I thinks it's adorable!

    Here's a list of some possible nicknames for grandparents:

    Wait! Did your daughter already give birth? (I think I'm behind!) Congratulations, Ellen! :-) I love the name Jane Violet! :-)

    Take care!

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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    If she wants a different name besides 'Grandma' I think there's no reason for her not to come up with something different. There's lots of good inspiration for different grandparent names. Perhaps her cultural heritage might have a good name to use, that's what my mother chose when her first grandchild was born, and my husband's german grandmother was Omi. You can google any language and find the name used for grandmothers. If that doesn't appeal, I think these four names feel a little younger and sassier to me, but it's all a matter of taste, so she should look around a bit and find what appeals to her.


    (I also like Mamie, Marmie, and Nonna from the above post)

    Enjoy baby Jane!!

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    Re: A name for the "grandmother"

    I've known someone to call her grandmother Cici (C.C.), and I think this could be really sweet since your daughter, Jane's grandmother, is named Catherine. As Jane ages, perhaps one day, Catherine will want to be called Grandma Cici...

    Mamie, Mimi, Mee Maw, Nona, Oma (German), and Ya Ya (Greek) are all sweet ones, too!

    Good luck, Nana Ellen!
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