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    Re: Impressions of the name Damian

    I absolutely adore Damian. Not to mention Damien, and Damon, which I also love. As for the impression of Damian, I think of The Omen but in an offhand manner. It doesn't really matter to me; I always imagine a really handsome and cunning guy, but most of the time I always think he's got a good heart. I really like Damian. (:
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    Re: Impressions of the name Damian

    I really like Damian and Damon, as well. In fact I would consider them if they weren't so close to my own. I've never seen The Omen, but it's not like it's the name association of Carrie.

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    Re: Impressions of the name Damian

    I love Damian! I will admit when I've mentioned this name to other people they do make the movie connection. Dominic is a favorite of mine too :)
    Dorian is another name I love and it sounds similar to Damian. Like Damian, it could have an unfavorable association, Dorian Gray. I actually really love Dorian Gray as a combo and have wondered if it would be unwise to use this combo on a child.

    I wouldn't let the the movie Omen dissuade you from using Damien if you really love it.

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    Re: Impressions of the name Damian

    its my husbands name! except Damien.
    his mum watched the Omen the nite before having him :)
    he was not a difficult child either!
    im fairly sure a name doesnt make a kid 'difficult' or evil!

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    Re: Impressions of the name Damian

    I ADORE the name Damian, I think it has a ruggedly poetic sense to it and letting pop culture affect you- you'de be left with very few names. Name him this if YOU love it.

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