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    will it be shortened??

    We have decided, finally, on a name for our fourth child a boy. The name is Anderson. But some people who i have mentioned the name to, say it will be shortened to Andy, what do u think? None of my other children have shortened names; Myles, Leila and Bronwen. And some say it is too long for a kid. Any thoughts?

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    Re: will it be shortened??

    Anderson is too much of a surname, especially with your other kids' names. What about Anders? It's the Swedish version of Andrew, and very handsome.
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    Re: will it be shortened??

    If you love the name you should go with your heart. Names are only shortened if allowed to be...I have a nephew named Christopher and one named Jameson, no one ever calls them Chris or Jamie, it is always their full names. When your child is older it might happen, but then it might be their choice and not yours. I love Anderson.

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    Re: will it be shortened??

    I agree with pp that you can always use the full name and others will follow suit. I also like the suggestion of Anders, but if you've decided on Anderson then I say go for it!

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    Re: will it be shortened??

    You could name your son Anderson nn Anders. Anders is a great name. It doesn't sound anything like Andy. Anders has that solid surname sound.

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