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    Re: Help us name Peter!

    I liked these the best:

    Peter Obadiah
    Peter Isaac
    Peter Isaiah
    Peter Joseph
    Peter Moses
    Peter Maxwell (my favourite!)
    Peter Simon
    Peter Vincent

    What about:
    Peter Hudson
    Peter Antonio
    Peter Colin
    Peter Hugo
    Peter Miles
    Peter Matthias/Mateo
    Peter Lucas
    Peter Julius
    Peter Nathaniel
    Peter Sebastian
    Peter Owen
    Peter Samson
    Peter Lionel
    Peter Declan
    Peter Finian
    Peter Josiah
    Peter Silas
    Peter Callum/Calvin

    With Peter I would avoid names with too many Ts, Rs, or "ee" sounds. And Bs (because they sound like Ps).
    Good luck!

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    Re: Help us name Peter!

    [quote="lv51sfan91"]Okay narrowed down the list quite a bit please tell us your favorites.

    Peter Andrew* - love
    Peter Abraham*
    Peter Adrian* - love, but love Andrew more
    Peter Aaron*
    Peter Clarence*
    Peter Christian* not the one.
    Peter Carlton*
    Peter Benjamin*? not the one
    Peter Brennan*?
    Peter Barnabus*
    Peter Elliott*
    Peter Ezra*
    Peter Edmund* - love
    Peter Obadiah*
    Peter Franklin*
    Peter Glen*
    Peter Hosea*
    Peter Haziel*
    Peter Hazaiah*
    Peter Harmon*
    Peter Hugh*
    Peter Isaac*
    Peter Isaiah*
    Peter Jude*
    Peter Joseph* - love
    Peter Joel*
    Peter Jeremiah*flow?
    Peter Jebediah*
    Peter Jason*
    Peter Jesse*?
    Peter Jeron*flow?
    Peter Jay*
    Peter Jacob*
    Peter Louis*
    Peter Lazarus*
    Peter Martin*
    Peter Michael*
    Peter Moses*
    Peter Maxwell*
    Peter Naaman* - What about Peter Nathaniel? Love it!
    Peter Norman*
    Peter Neil* - handsome
    Peter Nahum*
    Peter Nicholas* - my favorite so far
    Peter Russell* Peter ends in "r" and Russell starts with "r". They run into each other.
    Peter Samuel* - love
    Peter Stanley*?
    Peter Simon*
    Peter Shane*
    Peter Timothy*+
    Peter Thomas*
    Peter Vincent*
    Peter Zechariah*
    Peter Winston*
    Peter William* - love

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    Re: Help us name Peter!

    I vote for one of these. I added an extra * to my very favorites.

    Peter Andrew**
    Peter Edmund*
    Peter Franklin*
    Peter Glen**
    Peter Isaac**
    Peter Jude*
    Peter Joseph*
    Peter Joel**
    Peter Jay*
    Peter Jacob*
    Peter Louis**
    Peter Maxwell*
    Peter Nicholas**
    Peter Samuel*
    Peter Timothy**
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Re: Help us name Peter!

    I thought of Peter Andreas. Love!

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