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    Middle name for Gregory?

    I have always wanted to name my future son after my father Gregory. I thought I'd like to use it as a middle name. But all the names I like for a boy are WAY too popular. So now I'm thinking about using Gregory as the first name. I love it. Of course, I'm stuck on middles.... Any help?
    P.S. Two middle names are a tradition with the first born son.
    Ben & Lainy
    Expecting a
    rainbow June 4th, 2018

    Hubby approved...
    Archer . Asher . Ewan . Finn . Rowan
    Luna . Viola (Lola) . Violet

    Potential middles...
    Benjamin . Gregory . James . Joshua . Wilde
    Annabel . Audrey . Avalon . Catherine . Laine

    Combos for this baby...
    Asher Gregory James & Violet ______ Laine

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    Re: Middle name for Gregory?

    hi, i love the name Gregory ( also a contender if when I have a son :) )

    Here are some combos - you mentioned there will be 2 middle names so I have tried to incorporate that

    Gregory James John

    Gregory Simon John

    Gregory Patrick James

    Gregory Luke Anthony

    Gregory Anthony Alexander

    Gregory Isaac John

    Gregory William James

    Sorry if there's quite a few hope they give you some ideas :)

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    Re: Middle name for Gregory?

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    Re: Middle name for Gregory?

    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Re: Middle name for Gregory?

    Gregory Dashiell Reed (I pronounce Dashiell as dash-ul)
    Gregory Maxwell James
    Gregory Joseph Miles
    Gregory Thomas Jude (Then again, Danny Thomas founded St. Jude Hosptial...I doubt many people would notice, though)
    Gregory Vincent Miles/Charles

    Good luck!

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