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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    I like Bridget nn Birdie; Katherine nn Kitty; Marigold nn Maggie.

    Birdie and Dotty (Bridget and Dorothea) i think is my favourite xx

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    I just love your style! I really like Marigold nn Maggie and I think it goes perfectly with Dorothea nn Dotty (adorable by the way! :) I've compiled a list of names. The shorter ones without nicknames would be my middle name suggestions. Sorry if some are a little out there or just aren't your style (I did try to keep myself in check but the truth of it is that I was just having a lot of fun!) I starred the ones I thought went the best:

    Greek Mythology:

    Althea nn Allie/Thea (never mind! Not with Dorothea!)
    Andromeda nn Andie*
    Ariadne nn Ari/Aria
    Calliope nn Calli*
    Callisto/Callista nn Calli
    Helena nn Elena/Lena*
    Jocasta nn Cassie/Jo/Cass*
    Penelope nn Penny/Nell/Poppy*
    Selene/Selena nn Lena*
    Thalia nn Thali/Tali/Lia


    Azalea nn Aza/Lea*
    Cliantha nn Clia/Annie
    Fiorella/Fiore nn Fifi
    Hazel/Hazelle nn Elle
    Kelila nn Kelli/Lila
    Lavender- the only nn I can come up with is Lav, which automatically reminds me of lavatory....
    Lilac nn Lil/Lila
    Lilia/Liliana/Lillian/ Lilith nn Lili*
    Magnolia nn Maggie*
    Ophelia nn Lia
    Violet (it's getting trendy though....)

    Caitrin nn Cait/Trina
    Cecily/Cecelia/Celia nn Cece/Lily/Lia*
    Talullah nn Tali/Lula
    Tullia nn Lia


    Adele/Adeline nn Addie
    Adelina nn Lina (prn. Lee-na)*
    Angelica nn Angie*
    Margarita nn Maggie, Margie, Rita (plus food bonus)
    Delphine nn Della/Fifi/Elle
    Susannah nn Annie/Anna/Suzie*
    Cornelia/Cordelia nn Nellie/Delia/Cordie*
    Alouette nn Allie/Lou
    Eloise nn Lou/Ellie/Elle
    Eliza nn Liza/Lizzie/Ellie/Elle*
    Magenta nn Maggie
    Finola nn Fin/Nola*
    Isolde/Isobel/Isadora/Isaline: Izzy/Bel/Dora*
    Natalia nn Talia/Nattie*
    Vivienne nn Vivi*
    Veronica nn Vera
    Aurora nn Rory*
    Lavinia nn Liv/Nia*
    Lucrezia nn Lu


    Amandine (almond in french)
    Clementine nn Emme/Clemmy*
    Virginia nn Ginger
    Olive nn Ollie/Liv/Livvy

    Good luck and hope I helped.... somewhat :-)

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Here are a few more suggestions you might like:

    Genevieve (nn. ginny, vivi)
    Calista (nn. callie)
    Wilhelmina (nn. mina)
    Cordula (nn. cora)
    Orsolina (nn. lina)
    Melora (nn. ellie, lora)

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Quote Originally Posted by twinkle
    DH and I are still utterly stuck on a second girl name for a twin to Dorothea nn Dotty.

    We would like a fairly long, feminine, unusual name. Nothing trendy, and it must have an easy, sweet nn.

    We are considering Marigold nn Maggie (we have had to drop Miriam, and have also decided against Magdalena and Matilda).

    We love Cassia, but due to a bad association with a Cassandra, I would not like to use the name, but a similar style would work well. I also love that it means cinnamon.

    Evadne would be our second choice if the nn Evie were not so popular.

    Names from Greek mythology, astronomy names (I don't like Stella, though; sorry), flower names, irish names, vintage names and culinary names tend to be our style.

    Our three older children are :
    Ambrosia Frances Sofia nn Rosie
    Jasper Theodore Edmond
    Raphael Cyrus Peregrine nn Raffy.

    Thank you all in advance! My next scan, on Monday, will determine the genders, so we may be fussing over nothing.

    I just found a Hebrew unisex name that also means "cinnamon" - Kizzy! I think this is the cutest nickname! I know that Cassia reminds you of Cassandra, a name which you have a bad association with, but I noticed during my search that the name - in its "American" version - is spelled Kassia, and I was thinking that Kizzy, rather than Cassie/Kassie, would be a totally perfect nickname. (Also, my spell-check does not say Kassia is misspelled, so that's a plus! Nameberry records Kassia as a Polish variant of Katherine, too.)

    Another thing - I was exploring names meaning "twin." I'm a twin, so things like this always interest me. I found one, Tamsin (or Tamsyn or Tamasine), that could be a cute middle name - Tamsin "Tammy" doesn't sound ideal as a first name with Dorothea...

    So, I was thinking maybe a G name would be cute. You have Ambrosia (A)...B...C...Dorothea (D)...E...F...G! Yep, I'm a goof like that. Here are some possibilities:

    Gaiana - Latin - "earth" [A variant of Mother Earth, Gaia, that has the possibility for Annie as a nickname!]

    Galatea - Greek - "milk white" [Perhaps an option should your daughter inherit the lighter features you described in an earlier poll. Tea (TAY-uh) would be cute as a nickname.]

    Gallia - Latin - "of Gaul" [Got any Frenchmen in your family? Dotty and Lia is cute, too!]

    Gardenia - English - "gardenia flower"

    Genoveva - Spanish - "white phantom" [Genni and Eva/Evie are cute nicknames for this unique import.]

    Ginevra - Italian - "fair one" [I know this was previously suggested, but I really like it, and its Ginny nickname.]

    Gloria - Latin - "glory" [I just think it is cute! Sassy, sweet, unexpected, and meaningful. Glory is a lovely nickname, too, or Lori if you please.]

    Considering both Ambrosia and Dorothea are Greek names, maybe you should stick with that theme:

    Cerelia - "goddess of the harvest" [A spin on Ceres (Demeter) that could be shortened to Lia or Cece - should she receive a C middle name...]

    Eugenia - "well born" [Vintage name with a cool meaning. It could always be Genie (jean-y) if she didn't like Eugenia. Makes me think of Princess Eugenie of York!]

    Hosanna - "praise!" [I think I suggested this before, but I think it is so cute and refreshing, and then Annie is absolutely darling.]

    Odessa - "long journey" [After the "long journey" of development and birth, who wouldn't want this cute, unique name? Desi or Essa are cute short versions.]

    Yep - so I'm all suggested out for now. Good luck!
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

    Boy Combinations: Archer Solomon James, Ronan Charles Bennett, Everett Hawthorn Thomas
    Girl Combinations: Phoebe Marietta Pearl, Clara Daphne Eloise
    Other Favorites: Eliza (Eliza Wren), Juliet, Rosanna, Thea, Johanna, Jude

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Dotty is an adorable little girl's name.

    Fiona is a very pretty name that could go with Dotty.

    Tallulah is Irish for lady of abbundance

    Cordelia is another cute pair up with Dotty. Dotty and Delia

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