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    Help! A twin for Dotty. *Updated - see second page :) *

    DH and I are still utterly stuck on a second girl name for a twin to Dorothea nn Dotty.

    We would like a fairly long, feminine, unusual name. Nothing trendy, and it must have an easy, sweet nn.

    We are considering Marigold nn Maggie (we have had to drop Miriam, and have also decided against Magdalena and Matilda).

    We love Cassia, but due to a bad association with a Cassandra, I would not like to use the name, but a similar style would work well. I also love that it means cinnamon.

    Evadne would be our second choice if the nn Evie were not so popular.

    Names from Greek mythology, astronomy names (I don't like Stella, though; sorry), flower names, irish names, vintage names and culinary names tend to be our style.

    Our three older children are :
    Ambrosia Frances Sofia nn Rosie
    Jasper Theodore Edmond
    Raphael Cyrus Peregrine nn Raffy.

    Thank you all in advance! My next scan, on Monday, will determine the genders, so we may be fussing over nothing.

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Marigold nn Maggie is adorable. Another nn could be Maisie.

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Adelisa (Ada, Addy)
    Albertina (Bess, Bettie, Ally, Albie)
    Amarinta (Amy, Mary, Rina)
    Amarantha (Amy, Annie, Mari)
    Amphilis/ Amphelice / Amphelicia (Flissy, Lissy, Amy)
    Antonella (Nell, Annie)
    Antonina (Annie, Nina)
    Ariadne (Ada, Addie)
    Artemisia (Mimi, Missie)
    Belina (Bella, Binnie)
    Benedetta (Bennie, Bettie)
    Bernadette (Bernie, Bettie, Bennie, Nadie)
    Bethsabee (Beth, Bess)
    Bersaba / Bersabie (Bess)
    Berenice (Bess, Reenie)
    Berenike -'beh-REN-ee-kay' in original Greek prn
    Calanthe (Calla, Annie)
    Camilla (Millie, Cammie, Callie)
    Cassiopeia (Cassie, Cassia, Pia)
    Cecilia (Celia, Cici, Cessy)
    Celestria -- this was used in Medieval times
    Celestina (Celia, Cici, Cessy, Lessie)
    Christabel (Chrissy, Bella)
    Chrysanthe (Chrissy, Annie)
    Clemence (Clemmy)
    Clarissa (Clara, Lissy)
    Constance (Connie, Cossie)
    Constantia / Constancia (Connie, Cossie, Cassia)
    Constanza (Connie, Cossie, Cassia)
    Cordelia (Cordie, Della, Cora)
    Corinna (Rina, Cora)
    Cornelia (Cora, Nell)
    Cressida (Cressie)
    Delphine (Della, Phina, Fifi)
    Demelza (Mellie, Demmie)
    Demetria (Mimi, Demmie)
    Endelyn (Della, Ellie, Enna)
    Eulalia (Lalie, Ellie)
    Eumelia (Mellie, Ellie)
    Eugenie/a (Genie, Euna/Una)
    Euphemia (Emmie, Femmie)
    Euthalia (Ellie)
    Felicia (Lissy)
    Florentia/Florencia (Flora, Flo, Flossie, Reenie)
    Florentina (Flora, Flo, Flossie, Reenie)
    Galiena (Lena)
    Geraldine (Gerry, Della, Dina)
    Graciela (Gracie)
    Guinevere (Guin, Gwen, Vera, Neve)
    Gwendolen (Gwen, Winnie)
    Gweniver (Gwen, Vivi)
    Henrietta (Hettie, Etta)
    Henriette (Hettie, Etta)
    Hestia (Hettie)
    Hyacinthe (Cinthy)
    Iphigenia (Genie, Ina)
    Iphigenie (Genie, Ina)
    Jacquetta (Ettie, Etta, Jaqui)
    Jocasta (Cassie)
    Lavinia (Livvy, Vina)
    Leocadia (Leda, Cady, Liddy)
    Lieselotte (Lottie)
    Loveday (Lowdy, Vivi, Liddy)-- popular in Medieval times
    Lowenna (Wenna, Wennie, Lena)
    Lysandra (Lissy, Annie)
    Mabena (Beena, Mena)
    Marcelline (Celly, Lina)
    Marjorie/ Margery (Marge, Mary, Marie)
    Melisande (Lissy, Lissa)
    Merewen (Wenna, Merry)
    Minerva (Minnie, Vera)
    Mirabel (Mira, Bella, Millie)
    Morwenna (Wenna, Mennie, Morrie)
    Octavia (Vivi, Ottie)
    Ophelia (Fellie)
    Parthenia (Penny)
    Parthenope (Penny, Poppy)
    Perdita (Perdie, Perry)
    Perpetua (Perry)
    Philomena (Mena, Millie)
    Savina (Vivi, Vina)
    Serephina (Sephie, Sera, Phina)
    Sowenna (Wenna, Wennie)
    Sybilla (Sybil)
    Veronique (Vera, Ronnie)
    Violetta (Vivi, Lettie)
    Winifred (Winnie)

    I've put a mix of ancient/classical, medieval and vintage :)

    All the 'Eu' names (Eulalia, Eumelia, Euthalia, Eugenie) and Iphigenia stick out to me most as the best fit. I think they're lovely. Though Calanthe nn Calla is closest to Cassia I think.
    Trends, styles and quirks of British names:

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Diana nn Di or Anna
    Juniper nn June Ok, maybe not with Jasper
    Aurora nn Rory
    Jessamine nn Jessie
    Cordelia nn Cora, Delia
    Bridget nn Bree
    Catriona nn Cat or Cate (Irish Catherine)

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    Re: Help! A twin for Dotty.

    Dorothea nn Dotty and:

    Philomena/Filomena (beautiful meaning - love song) nn Fifi, Mena, Minnie (not sure about these, esp Minnie with Winnie)
    Aurelia nn Lia
    Marguerite could be another way to Maggie, not sure if it's too obviously French for the sibset
    Antoinette (ditto since it's also overtly French) nn Nettie, Etta, Ettie
    Anastasia nn Annie
    Apollonia nn Polly

    I like Ambrosia (Rosie), Dorothea (Dotty) and Apollonia (Polly)!

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