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    NEW kind of elimination: Adding Points!

    Basically, it's like any other drop 2, add 1 game, but I realized that those games only allowed you to remove the names you disliked without encouraging on the names you liked.

    In this game, every name starts off with 10 points. DO NOT add any new names. At your turn, you'll subtract 1 point each from the 2 names you like the least. You'll add 1 point to the name you like the most. When a name has zero points, it gets eliminated from the game.
    Points will be listed to the left of the name. Be sure to add or subtract the points you changed during your turn.

    Here's the list:
    10 Echo
    10 Paola
    10 Alessandra
    10 Blue
    10 Dixie
    10 Amadea
    10 Carlotta
    10 Franca
    10 Ginevra
    10 Brio
    10 Marie
    10 Skye
    10 Honora
    10 Letizia
    10 Diana
    10 Ivara
    10 Hildegarde
    10 Agatha
    10 Pepper
    10 Milla
    10 Sascha
    10 Lola
    10 Gemini
    Vote on my name lists: (boys) and (girls).

    Girls' Top Fifteen: Ceridwen, Cliodhna, Coppelia, Glasgow, Ondine, Severine, Lumina, Isolda, Iphigenia, Cameo, Phaedra, Margaret, Elestren, Meliora, Fionnuala

    Boys' Top Ten: Phoenix, Lysander, Wilder, Gilbert, Tarquin, Melchior, Harry, Pryor, Taliesin, Carwyn, Lyall, Hesper, Phosphorus, James, Jem

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