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    Re: Everest nn and mn?

    Quote Originally Posted by deliverysurprise
    Quote Originally Posted by norsedad

    Thanks! Ralph was an uncle of mine so that might work. My father was Ray, how about...

    Everest Ray Johnson
    Better than Paul. I think its nice x
    My brother's name and I think Ralph is dreadful, ooh can't imagine how anyone could take to it!

    On the other hand I like Rolf.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Everest nn and mn?

    Ok, what about...Paul Everest? I love how this flows. I personally adore the name Paul and would be using it for my son if I didn't already have my name picked out and I'm due like yesterday lol. Paul, to me, is classic, strong and adorable for a little boy. I feel it ages really well. I also love Everest but perhaps as a MN...? Although used as a first is very cool too. Either way, love your names!

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    Re: Everest nn and mn?

    I love the name Paul. It isn't in style, but it's so handsome. Love Ray, too in a kitsch kind of way.
    Everest is kind of fascinating to me. The only nickname I can think of is Ever. Would prefer Everest in the middle.
    Have you thought of the name Stellan?
    Here are some other powerful-sounding Scandinavian names because I remember that you love Thor:

    Here are some more mountain name ideas:

    Denali - this is a very handsome name.

    Girls (in case you ever want a mountain name for a girl)


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    I was wondering what you went with? My 2 year old son's name is Everest Paul (Paul after my father)...We call him E but other kids call him Ev, which we didn't like...thinking it sounded too much like the nn for Evan but I suppose that is what he will get when he goes to school.

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    The Everest I know is called Ever.

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