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    After checking out today's blog post, I clicked on the link to the list of Saint's names. I have had Layla on my list for a while (love L names, and my husband is a Clapton fan.) The only issue I have is that Layla is so popular right now. So when I saw Lelia on the list, I thought that was an awesome alternative. Appparently it is pronounced Leel-ya, which at first I thought was kind of awkward but it has been growing on me. What do you think of it? Do you think it would go well with my sons name, Callum?
    Any middle name suggestions - and perferably one that would honor Marie and Myra (or any variant of Mary?)

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    My first thought was Lelia Mireille, which I don't think is actually a Marie/Mary variant, but I think it's a really beautiful combo that might work.



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    Not liking pn, it's too awkward. Love if pn leh-leah or Lee-leah. After all, I am sure you can pn whatever you like.

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    Lelia intrigues me! A dear friend of mine in France was considering using it a few years ago--from what she said, there it'd be pronounced LAY-lee-ah, sort of like Laelia (which, btw, I think is another great alternative to Layla!). I think Leila and Laelia both look more aesthetically appealing than Lelia, but I do like Lelia a lot, and Nameberry's pronunciation intrigues me. Sort of like Delia or Celia, but with the sweet, feminine, double-"L" appeal. I like it.
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