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    Re: Reverse Name Profiling- Girls

    Annabel nn Annie...Or maybe Isabella nn Bella. Or Elinor nn Ellie. Some kind of ella or bella name.

    Cool idea!

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    Re: Reverse Name Profiling- Girls

    First guess - Meg. Runners up: Sally, Annie, Ellie.
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    Re: Reverse Name Profiling- Girls

    Quote Originally Posted by bostonsavvy
    OK so I am still really intrigued by this whole name profile thing. So I was thinking instead of asking what image a name gives off, I would state an image, and ask what you think the kid would be named. So read on, tell me what names came to your mind, and have fun!

    Ok so picture a little girl with blonde pigtails and blue eyes. She's dressed in jeans, a cute red t-shirt and red converse shoes. She's a bit of a tomboy, but at the same time she is quite shy when she's around a lot of other people. She is usually all smiles, and she just loves life. What's her name?
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    Re: Reverse Name Profiling- Girls

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    Re: Reverse Name Profiling- Girls

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