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    Re: Guilty Pleasure Name List!

    Damien Lucifer - No, I'm not gothic or a satanist. I just love how it sounds....

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    Re: Guilty Pleasure Name List!

    Serin for a Boy >.<
    I'm not even sure that it's an actual name, but I love the idea of having a son called Serin, until I have to explain the reason for naming him thus :/
    Sirius, thanks to Harry Potter, but would he be taken serious? (bad pun)

    Nymphadora, again: Harry Potter, I love the sound of it, but thanks to Nymphomania it's completely out of question.

    and since I've been rather small I've always wanted my kids to have about 10 names each xD
    impossible, and probably rather cruel of me, but I still kind of like the idea :)

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    Re: Guilty Pleasure Name List!

    Ahh, this is the best topic ever. Let's see...

    Cassiopeia- nn Cassie, I just think I could never do this to a child. But its SUCH a pretty name...
    Hortencia- I know, I know, it's terrible.... but I still love it. weird.
    Bathsheba- What a name..
    Hadassah- I love this name, too. Was the given name of Esther in the Bible, but, I don't even really know how to pronounce it. I just know I like it!

    Naphtali- one of the 12 sons of Jacob, LOVE this name. But I really can't imagine a little Naphtali running around. It'd be fun to call him Naphie, though!
    Leonidas- LOVE it! It's a lot of name for a child... maybe as a middle name?

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    Jacob (I love it, but it's so damn popular)
    Alexis (considered too feminine...*disgruntled look*)

    Sophia (see Jacob)
    Skylar (nn Sky)
    Jesslyn (I know a girl with this name. It's so pretty, but it does NOT age well.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by glitterandrocknroll View Post
    Alastair - it's not exactly a guilty pleasure, but I'm pretty sure the name of this guy who was into black magic or something was named Alastair Crowley. Then again, the mystery makes me like it even more. (I'm weird, I know.)
    Actually his named was spelled Aleister Crowley, he definitely was an occultist even founded a religion, Thelema, but not into black magic.

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