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    You have your first child when you are 21, you know this is early, but you and your husband have just settled into a house together and it seems like the perfect time. You have a little baby girl. You name her after a place.
    Daughter #1's name: Asia Cheyenne

    1 year later when Daughter #1 is 1, you have a little baby boy. He is named after your favourite male movie character and his middle name starts with a J.
    Son #1's name: Landon Jonathan (after A walk to remember)

    3 years later Duaghter #1 is 4 and Son #1 is 3. You find out you are pregnant once again, this time with twins! You decide not to find out the gender, since you already have one of each. It turns out to be one of each gender! They must both have names of the same style (on the nameberry style scale thingy) and there middle names must start with the same letter.
    Daughter #2's name: Elizabeth Paige (Lizzie)
    Son #2's name: Charles Patrick (Charlie)

    2 years later you are very happy with your family of 4. Your kids are 6, 5, 2 and 2. You have always wanted a big family though, so you try to get prgnant one more time, and give birth to a baby boy! You would like a short and simple name for him. His middle name must have a Q, U, X, Y or Z in it.
    Son #3's name: Kai Zachary

    1 year later your kids are 7, 6, 3, 3 and 1. You take all your kids on a vacation to a foreign country. There you go sight seeing and one day visit an orphanage where you meet a beautiful baby girl. When you ask te adoption centre about her, they say her parents left her at the orphanage when she was just a baby. They do not know her birthday, but they assume she is about 3 weeks old. You get to decide her birthday and her name. You give her an American first name and a middle name representing the coutry she was born in.
    Where do you go? France
    When is her birthday? Harper Genevieve
    Daughter #3's name: December 13th

    2 years later your kids are 9, 8, 5, 5, 3 and 2. You are not planning on having anymore kids, as you already have six, but you get a huge surprise when one day you go to the doctor and find out you are pregnant with all girl quads! There names must be conected somehow and middle names can be anything. (cities names)
    Daughter #4's name: Savannah Eden
    Daughter #5's name: Helena Rose
    Daughter #6's name: Sofia Emerson
    Daughter #7's name: Adelaide Vanessa
    Pruod sister to:

    Annika, Europe, Dawn and Blue

    Favourite names:

    Shiloh, Savannah, Summer, Sarah, Juliette, Erin and Tayla

    Wyatt, Noah, Jesse, Tristan, Brody, Nicholas and Carter

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