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    Re: 4th child - Really need help with a unique Girl's name-

    araya hope or araya sunshine

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    Re: 4th child - Really need help with a unique Girl's name-

    Iris: beautiful and underused
    Winter: love
    Lake : like and works well with siblings
    Sidra,: its ok

    I like Juniper!

    Painter, quincy, quill, cypress are all male names for me and are not pretty enough for a sister of Indiana.

    Sydney, Cadence, sky, charlotte and bea are NOT unique!

    eleven??? im not for number names at all

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    Re: 4th child - Really need help with a unique Girl's name-

    You already have Indiana, Oliver and Shepherd. Sibset-wise, I thought Charlotte, Quincy and Bea were the only ones that would match. None of your current childrens' names are too out there IMO... like Indiana is a name that has been around in Australia, although I get the feeling it's something "new" in America. Oliver is definitely a classic, and Shepherd is not crazy either.

    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Charlotte.
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quincy.
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Bea.

    Which set do you like the most?

    Other than Quincy, there's Quinlan (one who is slender and strong); there's Quinevere (form of Guinevere: one who is fair); there's Quintana (but you already have an Indiana so this is too matchy); and Quintessa (which means of the essense). OH, there's also a Quinby (traditionally spelt, but you can go with Quinbea so you get you Quin and your Bea. The name means from the queen's estate.)

    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quinlan
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quinevere
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quintana
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quintessa
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quinbea
    Oliver, Shepherd, Indiana and Quinby

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: 4th child - Really need help with a unique Girl's name-

    Quote Originally Posted by dearest
    First of all, I think you should rule out Sydney, Iris, Cadence, Charlotte and maybe even Sky if you want a unique name...
    That leaves the rest of them:
    I love Winter, Lake and Bea, but Lake is a little short, and Bea is very much a nickname to me... Winter would be my vote then, or possibly Beatrix/Beatriz nn Bea/Bixie/Trixie
    Quincy, Painter, Eleven, Quill, Sidra and Cypress sound too funky to me; Sidra and Cypress are just unappealing, Quincy and the Quinn nickname is rising in popularity fast, Quill is only okay on a boy to me, Painter is a tad too literal and Eleven is appealing but has the obvious downside of being a number!

    The fabulous name Elevine is an old Norse name often given to the eleventh child. Maybe you'll like that?
    Quimby is a nice Q name alternative that I actually find doable!
    Priya reminds me of Sidra, but I think Priya is a lot prettier!
    Cypress alternatives might be Chryseis, Clemency, Ceres, Circe or Cressida ^^

    Let me know your thoughts so I can suggest more names! I love finding unique ones! :)
    Thank you for your suggestions! I like Elevine....
    Some other names we've added to our list lately:

    More thoughts?

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    Re: 4th child - Really need help with a unique Girl's name-

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts! Very helpful feedback.
    Ok...based on your lists and ours, here are our current favorites:

    Lux (Luxie)


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