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Thread: ANNEKE

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    Re: ANNEKE

    Definitely your Dutch family name over June. Not a fan of June and not a fan of the three consecutive names in 1-syllable.

    Love Anneke!

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    Re: ANNEKE

    thanks ! we actually JUST talked about how we feel Anneke Willemijn will be too much dutch. lol baby will actually be part Czech too. my mom was born in holland and my partner was born in czech
    and we keep saying
    Anneke June Schmidt Rous (the two last names) and think it flows so nicely; even simply Anneke June
    i think we'd actually call her anneke june moreso than just anneke all the time with this name.
    i love vintage classic names too.

    it is nice to keep willemijn too, we have an aunt and cousin with this name. ohhhhh the decisions decisions...

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    Re: ANNEKE

    Well I thinknwe are still thinking anneke June.
    But I think we need a backup girls
    I think I'll start a new post perhaps. 8 more
    weeks to go! Thanks
    for everyones help!

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    Re: ANNEKE

    Quote Originally Posted by clearthearea83
    i do love Anneke Willemijn and my Tante (aunt) mijn would be proud :)

    but we wouldnt call her willa, we'd call her Anneke.
    not sure if i want two names that are three syllable; as babe will have both our last names, but the last names are one syllable. gosh so many decisions!!!
    I love Anneke Willemijn!

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