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    Re: Due in 4 wks and having Cold Feet with my top name. Help!

    Feel as if I'm somewhat coming back to Claire Elizabeth or Lucy Katherine (not set on this mn, other suggestions appreciated!) as a sister for James and Noah. Thanks for everyone's help thus far!

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    Re: Due in 4 wks and having Cold Feet with my top name. Help!

    I love the fn but the middle names are the two most popular girl middle names Elizabeth and Catherine (spelling varries) so i'd pick different names unless you really like those names or don't mind that they're really used! :) here's some ideas
    Really unique:
    Lucy Palair
    Claire Zione
    Lucy Fern
    Claire Zen

    Short and sweet:
    Claire Thea
    Lucy Mae
    Claire Elise
    Lucy Rose

    Old fahsion charm:
    Lucy Jane
    Claire Eloise
    Lucy Iris
    Claire Patrice

    :) Congrats
    Julia Martina - not having kids anytime soon, but I love names!
    Boys: Tomas, Matteo, Peter, Geoff, Simeon...
    Girls: Rita, Artemis, Emanuelle, Johanna...

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    Re: Due in 4 wks and having Cold Feet with my top name. Help!

    Lucy Katherine for me.
    Psalm 23

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    My dd#1s name is Claire. I had similar feelings to you of "cold feet" before she was born. But now, her name fits her perfectly! I'm due with dd #2 soon and am having even worse "cold feet" with this one. We are stuck on variations of Anna (Annabel, Anna, Annie...), and I keep going back and forth so much. My plan as of now is to take my names to the hospital and see which one really fits her. Maybe we'll know then! Just wanted to say I totally know how you feel. Best of luck!!

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    I think Clara Elizabeth or Clara Elise would be pretty. I have never cared for the name Claire myself, but it is a nice name. The only name I didn't like with your boys names was Juliette. My mom had a similar problem when naming me. She and my doctor were convinced I was a boy. She had no girl names chosen for me. She almost went with her boy name choice, Darrell, but decided on Adrienne. They had briefly suggested to some family members of making my middle name Rose and changed their mind at the last minute. I still have family members who think my middle name is Rose even after years of correction. I like the idea of keeping a name secret. No one else has to like it, and any name will grow on your family.

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