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    "Lord of the Rings" names

    I don't know if there is a thread about this already (I'm pretty new to Nameberry and haven't yet had a chance to read through all the posts), but I just finished watching the "Lord of the Rings" movies and really loved them (I haven't had a chance to read the books though), and I just thought that all the names are really interesting (as well as the names of the actors who play them). I was just wondering if anyone knew anymore names from the series (especially the books) - I think it would make an interesting blog too (if there hasn't already been one). I don't think I would use most of these names as a first name, but maybe a middle. What do you think?

    Aragorn - Viggo Mortensen
    Frodo - Elijah Wood
    Gandalf - Ian McKellan
    Galadriel - Cate Blanchett
    Arwen - Liv Tyler
    Elrond - Hugo Weaving
    Eowyn - Miranda Otto
    Legolas - Orlando Bloom
    Gimli - John Rhys-Davies
    Samwise "Sam" & Elanor Gamgee - Sean & Alexandra Astin
    Peregrin "Pippin" - Billy Boyd
    Meriadoc "Merry" - Dominic Monaghan
    Theoden - Bernard Hill
    Boromir - Sean Bean
    Faramir - David Wenham

    Places: Bree, Rohan, Gondor, Mordor, Moria, Shire.

    Does anyone have more? Thanks!

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    Re: "Lord of the Rings" names

    Welcome to Nameberry, Maeve22! That's a nice list you've put together. You may enjoy these topics, too:

    Tolkien Baby Names

    Translating Tolkien Elvish Names

    -- Nephele

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    Re: "Lord of the Rings" names

    I really love Arwen. Anwen is similar, and it's a Welsh name. Ailsa is cool, too!

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    Re: "Lord of the Rings" names

    Thank you Nephele for those links, that was exactly what I was looking for. Also, thanks for my Flower Fairy name. I love it! I don't think I had thanked you for doing that (I meant to, but forgot). I also wanted to say that I love your name (or screen name)!

    I love the names Anwen and Ailsa, Susan. I also love Gwendolen, Bronwen, and Olwen. I think Welsh names are very beautiful.

    Thanks for the responses!

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    Re: "Lord of the Rings" names

    The books are definately worth the read. So you should start there. The "Silmarillion" is one of my favorites and is a back history of middle-earth. One of the things I love about the book is an appendix included that is full of elven words and names. I saw Nephele pointed you in the direction of one of my favorite websites, quenya lapseparma, for elvish name translations. I am personally enamored with name etymology, so I love that Tolkien used that to develop his character names. I hold a lot of admiration and respect for Tolkien and his works.
    The books have a great deal of depth and detail to them, which could not possibly be fully encompassed by the film. You will enjoy the additional names and characters that you will find in the books. Such as the character, Tom Bombadil, and the full name of Arwen - "Arwen Tinuviel" or "Arwen Undomiel" (the difference is the type of elvish dialect - Sindarin or Quenya). Interestingly enough, Arwen simply means "noble lady", and (I get a kick out of this) Legolas is the elvish translation for "green leaf" (hence, his name is "green leaf greenleaf"). ;)

    To add to your list above, here are some of the "Rohirrim" from the film (and the actors who portrayed them):

    Eowen - Miranda Otto
    Eomer - Karl Urban
    Theoden - Bernard Hill
    Theodred - Paris Howe Strewe
    Hama - John Leigh
    Gamling - Bruce Hopkins

    Place names: Rohan, Edoras

    Just as an added note, the languages (and therefore the names) in LOTR are strongly influenced by the old english and old norse languages, mythology, and folklore. So if one wanted to use any of the names from the books, they would flow very nicely with scandinavian or welsh names.

    - Aglargalad Mirelena (my name in elvish)

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