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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    Isla Vivienne is gorgeous! But all of your choices are beautiful. : )

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    1. Elodie Rose: I like Elodie but Rose is such a filler. Elodie Rosalind, Elodie Maeve, Elodie Sylvia...
    2. Kendall Amelie: not my fav
    3. Hannah Ellery: I adore Ellery, but Hannah is so popular. WDYT of: Ellery June, Ellery Magdalen, Lydia Ellery or even Ellery Hannah...
    *4. Isla Vivienne: Love it!
    *5. Livia June: Cool!
    6. Eliza Rose: I love Eliza, but it sounds awkward with Rose. WDYT of Eliza Juliet, Eliza Genevieve, Eliza Margaret...
    7. Evangeline (nn Eve, Evie): love it! Evangeline Tessa, Evangeline Claire, Evangeline Lucia...
    8. Addison Kate-no, sorry
    9. Siena James-ditto
    10. Avery Liliana--I like Liliana, but not Avery. Liliana Faye, Liliana Ruby, Cora Liliana...

    Good luck!

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    Thanks for the advice/opinions! I've gotten some really good ideas and suggestions from you all!

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    my favorites from your list: Elodie Rose, Isla Vivienne and Evangeline.

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

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