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    Top names! Opinions?

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    1. Elodie Rose: I love Elodie! Rose is the #1 middle name though, so it feels like a "filler" to me. (I love Rose as a first name though!)

    2. Kendall Amelie: I think that Amelie is gorgeous, but I'm personally not a Kendall fan. To me, Amelie Kendall has a better flow than Kendall Amelie.

    3. Hannah Ellery: I think they're both nice names (Hannah is very, very popular, though), but I don't think they flow well together.

    4. Isla Vivienne: I LOVE this!

    5. Livia June: I think this is pretty...

    6. Eliza Rose: Eliza is one of my my all-time favorites!

    7. Evangeline (nn Eve, Evie):I think it's a beautiful name..

    8. Addison Kate: I think it flows really well, but I personally prefer the other names to Addison, because it's very popular/trendy, and I can't help but think of Addison's Disease, an adrenal disease.

    9. Siena James: I prefer some of your others...

    10. Avery Liliana: I love Liliana, but Avery feels dated to me, and I think some of your other combos (Isla Vivienne, Eliza Rose, Elodie Rose, Livia June) have a better flow.

    From your list, my favorite names are Elodie, Amelie, Isla, Vivienne, June, Eliza, Evangeline, Kate, and Rose (as a first name).

    Good luck!

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    Elodie Rose is my pick! Even though Rose is popular, its timeless.

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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    1. Elodie Rose: Elodie is gorgeous. Rose is also pretty but at this point I think it's become the default middle name for this generation. What about Elodie Roseanna?

    2. Kendall Amelie: Love Amelie, but since it's so feminine it seems a bit mismatched with Kendall. What about Kendall Jane?

    3. Hannah Ellery: These two seem to run together a little bit. I actually think Ellery Hannah works better. Ellery Susannah is even better.

    4. Isla Vivienne: Lovely!

    5. Livia June: Really cute, this might be my fave. I'm definitely tired of all of the little Olivias running around (I'm an adult Olivia), but Livia has a different vibe. Pairing it with June is brilliant. I also love Lydia.

    6. Eliza Rose: Love Eliza but not with Rose. What about Eliza Mae, Eliza Jane, or Eliza Kate?

    7. Evangeline (nn Eve, Evie): Very pretty; love the nn Evie!

    8. Addison Kate: I really don't like Addison for some reason. What about Adeline, Adelaide, Adelia, or Ada?

    9. Siena James: Siena isn't my favorite from your list (I lean more towards names like Susannah, Sylvia, or Sabine). And I generally don't think traditional boy's names should be used for girls (unless there's family significance?).

    10. Avery Liliana: I sort of see the same issue with this combo as Kendall Amelie. I see the appeal of balancing a surname name with a more feminine name, but I think Avery Lillian works better. Feminine, but not frilly. I do however love Liliana, just not paired with Avery.
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    Re: Top names! Opinions?

    1. Elodie Rose - My first pick
    2. Kendall Amelie - Amelie Rose is better to me
    3. Hannah Ellery - Ellery Rose is better to me
    4. Isla Vivienne - My second pick
    5. Livia June - Not a fan of June, and I prefer Olivia to Livia
    6. Eliza Rose - Not a fan of Eliza
    7. Evangeline (nn Eve, Evie) - I like Evangeline Kate
    8. Addison Kate - Love Kate, not Addison.
    9. Siena James - Love Sienna (with two ns), but not James for a girl
    10. Avery Liliana - Liliana Eve or Avery Eve is better to me

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