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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Congratulations! ;-)

    Alison- I'm not a big fan of girl names ending in 'son' (Addison, Madison etc.) and Alison also feels quite dated to me.

    Cecilia- I love Cecilia with Emma and Cecilia Crosby sounds gorgeous! Cordelia, Delia or Amelia are also very pretty with Crosby.

    Celia- same as Cecilia

    Chloe- It's so popular that I think some of its gleam and spunk had worn off. Cleo is very pretty though and not nearly as popular. Also, Chloe Crosby sounds very matchy to me.

    Isabel- I think Isabel Crosby sounds beautiful. It's very popular though and Isabella is even more. I prefer Isobel and Isadora, though Isabel matches Emma much more.

    Grace- I love Grace and I think it sounds perfect with Emma!

    Jacqueline- I love French names but Jacqueline is starting to sound over-used to me now. It also feels very different than Emma to me. There are other lovely French choices out there though!

    KathleenKatie”)- I think Kathleen Crosby flows perfectly and it would be nice to hear of a little Kathleen....

    Kendra- I really don't feel Kendra fits into your list at all. It feels dated, trendy and doesn't flow well with Emma to me.

    Laura- I love Laura and think it sounds absolutely gorgeous with Emma and Crosby!

    Lily- I love Lily as well (despite its rising popularity) but the matching 'ee' endings of Lily and Crosby don't work well. Maybe you could try a Lily variant such as Lilia, Lillian, Liliana, Lilac or Lila, that sound better with Crosby.

    Miranda- Emma and Miranda work very well and Miranda Crosby sounds amazing!

    Nina- Nina sounds very much like a nickname for me.

    Rachel- Rachel sounds dated to me but it does work well with Emma I suppose.

    Sophie- Sophie is terribly popular but I love Sophia!

    Tina- the same as Nina. Maybe Christina could work?

    Here are some suggestions:


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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Emma Louise Crosby is so sweet and classic! I'd go with Cecilia, Isabel, or Laura for a first name, and Kathleen or Grace for her middle name. Lily and Sophie are my other picks, but they seem to popular (as in, what other popular name can we pick to go with Emma?) and matchy for Miss Emma's sister...

    Cecilia Grace Crosby is my favorite, but Laura Kathleen is very nice, too!
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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    My faves are Isabel, Cecelia, Celia, and Miranda.

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Thanks, everyone! You guys give terrific advice ! :)

    My husband has suddenly soured on Isabel & Rachel.. so it's down to Miranda, Katie and Laura! Wooo!

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    My favorites with Emma:


    Emma & Sophie and Emma & Grace are my favorites.

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