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    Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    We found out today we are having our second daughter! We already have a little girl, Emma Louise. Here are some names we're considering, but please add any you think sound great with Emma and our last name.. Our last name is Crosby! Thanks! =)

    Sydney (Just a joke! DH loves hockey! Haha!)

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    To go with Emma...

    Alison: I like it, especially with this spelling, but some find it dated.

    Cecilia: Very pretty! I'm not sure it fits with the more popular Emma, though.

    Celia: I love it!

    Chloe: I'm not sure if you're bothered by popularity, but Chloe is very popular currently. Oh, and sounds like a cartoon character with your surname.

    Isabel: I think it goes perfectly with Emma, but is too popular to me.

    Grace: See Isabel

    Jacqueline: I've never really liked this name, for some reason.

    Kathleen: I think it would be very refreshing to see a young Kathleen!

    Kendra: This doesn't fit with the rest of your list... it's very dated and even seems made-up. Plus, it's tongue-twistery with Crosby.

    Laura: I personally find it a little dull, but there's nothing really wrong with it.

    Lily: I adore Lily, but it's so trendy...

    Miranda: Lovely! I think it goes well with Emma, too.

    Nina: It may be just me, but it seems too close in sound to Emma.

    Rachel: I find it dated and boring...

    Sophie: It's perfect with Emma, but again, very popular...

    Tina: It seems dated and nicknamey to me.

    I love a lot of the names on your list, especially Miranda, Lily, Isabel, Celia, and Cecilia. You might also like:

    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Off your list here are the ones I think go well with Crosby!
    The reason i suggest Sophia is so it won't rhyme.
    Julia Martina - not having kids anytime soon, but I love names!
    Boys: Tomas, Matteo, Peter, Geoff, Simeon...
    Girls: Rita, Artemis, Emanuelle, Johanna...

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    Alison: Alison feels pretty dated to me (1980s), and I think some of the other names work better with Emma. I can better see Alice with Emma.

    Cecilia: I can see Cecilia with Emma, and I love the sound of Cecilia Crosby. :-)

    Celia: I love Celia and can see it with Emma, but with a C last name, Celia C____, when I look at it, the C from the last name attaches to Celia to form Celiac, making me think of Celiac Disease. (I do love Celia, though...)

    Chloe: I think it's a great name (popular, though, at #10), but because your last name ends in an "ee" sound like Chloe, Chloe Crosby sounds pretty matchy to me.

    Isabel: I love Isabel. Isabella is super popular (#2), and Isabel is used a lot too, but if popularity isn't an issue for you, I think it would be very pretty with Emma.

    Grace: I think it works really well with Emma, but Grace Crosby doesn't sound as pretty to me as some of the other combos because of the Gr/Cr sounds.

    Jacqueline: I think it's a beautiful name, but some other French names feel fresher to me these days. I can also better see some of the other names with Emma.

    KathleenKatie”): I like some of the other names more, but I do think that Kathleen Crosby sounds cute. :-)

    Kendra: I only think of the Kendra from the reality show, and it doesn't have Emma's sophistication to me.

    Laura: I love Laura so much, but Laura Crosby doesn't have the best sound to me because of the Rs.

    Lily: I think it works really well with Emma, but Lily Crosby, like Chloe Crosby, sounds "ee" heavy on the endings to me. You may also like Lila.

    Miranda: I love Miranda, and think it's great with Emma!

    Nina: I love Nina, but can better see some of the others with Emma.

    Rachel: I like some of the other names more, but I do think Rachel and Emma sound nice together.

    Sophie: Sophia and Sophie are very, very popular, but I still love Sophie. :-) To me though, Sophie Crosby has the same problem as Chloe Crosby.

    Tina: Tina feels very dated to me, and I can't see Tina and Emma as sisters. (I can better see Christina with Emma...)

    From your list, Cecilia, Miranda, and Isabel are my favorites with Emma (as well as Celia, but there's the Celia C issue for me, which may just be me). :-)

    Some names you may like with Emma:

    Alice (instead of Alison, but it's pretty sss heavy with your last name)
    Victoria (very popular)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Emma is getting a sister!! Help !

    On your list, I think Isabel, Rachel, Lily, Celia, Cecelia, Grace, and Miranda all work with Emma and your last name!

    Also, what about Georgina, Maritza, Lila, Lorelei, Bianca, Lucy, or Olivia?

    Good luck!

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