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Thread: Is It Just Me?

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    Re: Is It Just Me?

    I don't like Camden for a girl. Hunter is alright, but it is kind of funny since she's vegan. Maybe she didn't think of that?

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    Re: Is It Just Me?

    It's not just you. I don't like the names either. That said, the issue here really isn't the names (since it's not really your place to change her mind) but rather how you're going to find a way to embrace these names before this child is born. A couple of suggestions: 1) Ask your friend (without judgment) why she chose the names. You might learn something about the naming process her and her husband went through, like a personal meaning or significance they attach to these names, that makes you see the names in a new light. 2) Start thinking of fun nicknames or terms of endearment you can call the new baby.
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    Re: Is It Just Me?

    Personally Camden is too trendy for me. I like Hunter but I don't love it and wouldn't use it myself. However, I realize not everyone has the same tastes and if we did, all our kids would have the same name! LOL

    You never know, the names may grow on you once you meet the child and watch them grow up. Many names I have not loved in the past, I came to like once I met a baby with the same name.

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