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    THE Big Family Game!!! =)

    You’re a graduate from_____________. Almost immediately, to your disbelief, you get a job you’ve always wanted. What’s your job?
    You move to________to start your new job.
    What’s your name?
    There, you meet the man of your dreams.
    What’s his name?
    What is his job?
    You date for two years before he proposes. You accept and the next few months are spent planning your wedding in________. Once you get married, you honeymoon to_______. Not a month has past since the trip that you feel sick and go to the doctors. Shockingly, you find you are pregnant! You keep the gender a surprise and on the 27th of May, a baby girl is born. She has dark hair and bright blue eyes.
    Her initials are E. L. What is her name?
    When your daughter is fifteen months, you try for another baby. Almost immediately, your wish is granted and you become pregnant. Exactly nine months later, another little girl is born. She looks very different from her sister, with red hair and very light blue eyes that pale to a smoky grey over time. Her initials are the same as her father’s. What is her name?
    Two years later, a vacation to___________, initiates your third pregnancy. Eight months pass before you have twins, a girl and a boy. They are identical and have the same dark hair that your firstborn has. Their names are very distinct but the nicknames they go by are very similar. What are their names?
    You are quite content with four children but your husband wants one more. After three years, you and your husband fly to_________. There, you adopt a beautiful, newborn baby boy with red hair, just like your second daughter’s. His middle name obviously represents his native country. His first name is a mix of your name and your husband’s name. What is his name?
    You are very happy with your five beautiful and healthy children but that’s not all in store for you. After two years, you find yourself pregnant once more, with no less than four children.
    Four boys are born relatively healthy eight months later. Their names all must have something in common. What are their names?
    With nine children, you put your foot down. No more. For the next three years, you busy yourself with the difficult task of raising nine children. A tragic twist of fate ends this when your beloved sister and husband died in a terrible car crash. Their three children, ages nine, six and three, fall to you. The two girls have flower names and the boy (the youngest) has a nature name as well. What are your new children named?
    Finally, with twelve children, you settle down at last and feel quite compelled to adopt a family dog. You do so. His/her name is__________. And that’s that.
    Thanks for playing ;)

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