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Thread: Aescleah

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    Re: Aescleah

    Oh, that is awful. I think it's one of the worst I've ever seen. Since when does 'ae' make a flat A sound? And how do you get 'sh' from 'sc'?! Did they just ignore the 'ah' in Leah? UGGGHHH!
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    Re: Aescleah

    Oh. Dear. Lord. No. That is truly hideous. I think it's broken poor Jill. I'm speechless from disgust.

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    Re: Aescleah

    Jill you said it all and gave me a laugh. Have a good day!
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    Re: Aescleah

    It sounds like a sick eagle who is very near-sighted.
    If it were my name, I would need to be heavily medicated until my name was changed. And I would be tired of Ashley, so it would need to be something nice and classic.

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    Re: Aescleah

    Truly, this name is awful. But I was relieved when I read your post, because when I saw the thread, I was sooooo worried that this was posted by some mother telling us all that she was looking to name her daughter Aescheah.
    Typing that "name" out made my soul hurt.

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