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Thread: Name Advice

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    Re: Name Advice

    I think Anna Ruth would make a pretty double first name for a girl that would honor both your m-i-l and your aunt.

    Anna Ruth Emory flows nicely also, and honors your cousin as well (I also think that with Emory having the tendency to be such a strong reminder of the tragic and untimely loss of a loved one, it is better in the middle spot).

    I like the name Lucas a lot, with a strong preference for this traditional spelling because it makes things easier for the child. So, I think if you use it in the first name spot, you should definitely spell it Lucas, but if you use it as a middle then you may choose to spell it the same way as your brother did to enhance the honor. As much as I do love the name, again (like with Emory) because of it being a reminder of your loss, I think I also prefer it in the middle).

    Some suggestions with mn Lucas:

    Solomon Lucas
    Frederick Lucas
    Abraham Lucas

    (not sure, though, if any of those are your style. The only name you mentioned liking is Mason. Mason Lucas could work, but it's not my favorite, and I think Mason unfortunately will have the tendency to sound dated in the future).

    Another possibility is to bring an element of your husband's name into the first name. What is your husband's first name?
    Lee probably won't work, but do you like Leland or Levi?
    I actually really like Leland Lucas (and I also think Anna Ruth and Leland make a great sibset), but you might be put off by the back to back L's.
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    Re: Name Advice

    I agree with the spelling Lucas...why would I make such a terrible typo twice?

    Maybe because I'm at work and should be doing other things...haha!

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    Re: Name Advice

    I think it is great that you have such great relatives that you want your baby named after them. I also like the idea of new traditions. I would like to suggest to take all those meaningful names and blend them into a name already recognised as a traditional, vintage, modern or classic name depending on your style.

    As I said before Emory Lyn could be Emmeline, this would be in keeping of naming trends of today and it also honours your relatives.

    Let us know if you want us to suggest names to honour your relatives or if you just wish us to vote for our favourite name from your list.
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    Re: Name Advice

    Lucus Mason: I think Lucas is handsome (I love Luke, too), but I don't think it flows very well with Mason.

    Thomas Drayke: I think this is great (and thanks for explaining the spelling, because I was confused)! :-)

    Annslee Ruth: Annslee honestly looks trendy and "made up" to me, but I really love Ruth! Ainsley is another name you may like.

    Names to honor an Ann:

    Annabelle Ruth
    Anna Ruth
    Annalee Ruth (a lot of people love Annalee, but I have to admit that it reminds me of the word "anally." :-)

    Some names you may like to honor a Lee:


    Emory Lynn: I think Emory is sweet, but Lynn feels very dated to me.

    If Emory is too difficult to use as a first name, you could alway go with something like Emmeline.

    Some more ways to honor a Lynn (not with Emory, though):


    I'm so sorry about your brother and cousin passing away.... :-(

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Name Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by lucarolinagal3
    Hey guys, thanks for replying!
    All of the names are family names, or varients of...the spelling of Drayke is my mothers Maiden name. Lucus is after my late brother. Ruth and Lynn are my Aunts names that I love very much....

    Ann is my mom-in-loves name, lee is my husbands middle name, so I figured putting that together would be nice for both of would be pronounced exactly as spelled....

    Emory was my late cousin's name whom I was very close with. We would probably call her Emory Lynn so that it wouldn't be more of a memorial and less of a "tear jerker".

    Mason is the only name that is one that we just LIKE as opposed to being after someone....

    I probably should have provided an explanation to begin with. :)

    Typically, in the area I am from, "southern names" tend to be family names or combinations of them. In this area, we tend to do a lot of double-names and combining of the husband and wife's family names to create new traditions...Our families are both complelty torn as to what they prefer too, so I figured I would get some outside opinions! :)
    I think Thomas Drayke sounds gorgeous! Lucas Drayke sounds strong and interesting and would honor both your mother and your brother.
    I agree that perhaps Emory would be better used as a middle. It makes a beautiful first name too though, so place it where you will.
    I love that your family is so close and that they mean so much to you, good luck : )

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