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Thread: thoughts??

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    Re: thoughts??

    Too Rhyming for me, I much prefer Malachy, Malachi reminds me of the trendy Kai, which in M?ori means food.

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    Re: thoughts??

    Is Malachi pronounced Mal-ah-kEYE? And Malachy like Mal-ah-kee?

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    Re: thoughts??

    While it may sound a little off to have a rhymey sounding name, I say go for the name you love. In my opinion we all, and I include myself, think WAY too much about making sure the name sounds perfect and rolls off the tongue in just the right way and we lose focus on choosing a name that we simply connect with or feel called to. Good luck! I think Malachi Nye is a very cool name!

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    Re: thoughts??

    I absolutely LOVE the name Malachi!
    Although Malachi Nye sounds a little off, it's still a great name and I agree with the previous post... if you love it use it.
    Good luck!
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    Re: thoughts??

    Sounds too repeat-y to me...I personally wouldn't use it.

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