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    Are we just being crazy?

    We are having a boy in less than 4 weeks and are having trouble coming up with a name for him. I have two questions.
    Firstly, I would like your opinions on the names on the 'short list'...honesty definitely preferred! DF is a huge fan of Batman and Superman etc. We tried thinking of a superhero name, or a character, but there's nothing we like. We are considering using the name 'Joker' for a middle name. For example, Felix Joker (Last name). Is this just bizarre and weird? I think that most people don't ever use their middle name and I am considering going with this. But am I just being crazy?
    The names on the short list are:
    Gaius or Caius
    James (I must warn you, would probably get Tiberius as a mn)
    Maximus (Max)
    Theodore (Theo)

    Some of the names we like more than others, but I can tell you Felix is listed first for a reason.
    Thank you!
    My two boys:
    Felix Arkham 2010
    Victor Huckleberry 2012

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    Re: Are we just being crazy?

    What fun!
    I don't think its crazy - different yes - crazy no! Like you say who ever uses their middle name. Its not like you want to name him The Penguin!
    I personally like Felix Joker or Theodore Joker. However if you think its a bit too out there why not use something like Wayne or Bruce (not the greatest choices!) but something that you know has a meaning but isn't too unusual ! Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Are we just being crazy?

    Our son is named Leo Magnus and on more than one occasion I've been told that it sounds like a super hero name. I'm pretty sure it's Magnus (not Leo) that made them say that. Maybe you could use that name or something similar in some capacity?

    Best of luck!


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    Re: Are we just being crazy?

    I love your first names, every one of them. And am a big supporter of unusual middle names with personal meaning. But Joker? That bothers me on several levels. First off, it's a word name that might not embody what you want your son to be. Second, the character The Joker in Batman was a villain. And third, as great as Heath Ledger's performance may have been, he died of an overdose several months before the film came out. I've got a teenage son, and I can tell you I wouldn't want him carrying around that role model.

    You asked for honesty and here it is: Please don't name your child Joker. Another name from a superhero legend might be great, but not this one.
    Pam Satran

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    Re: Are we just being crazy?

    Love your names (except Roman and Otto)...I think I like Caius best but they are all refreshing. As for Joker, don't do it! What about using Kal-El? It is Superman's name on Krypton I think. I always thought that sounded cool. Also, just to throw this out there--my husband wouldn't let me have this--what about Mercury or another space type name? Very strong with mythological associations too. Good Luck!

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