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    Re: If you had 4 children they would be called

    Quote Originally Posted by merylp
    Quote Originally Posted by dotsmom
    Well I have four already, but only got to name 3 of them. So if I were to have another, boy or girl.....

    Henry James Louis
    Dorothy Annelise Violet
    Eloise Charlotte Lavender
    Matilda Adelaide Rosemary

    Everett Augustus Oliver
    Penelope Helena Iris

    So that would give me a Henry and Everett and a Dottie, Ellie, Mattie and Penny.
    I hope you have more kids because i LOVE your names!!

    Ditto! Your childrens' names are by far my favorite I have ever seen/heard. Classic, classy, unique and creative without being silly. I love them so much! Everett and Penelope are perfect with your other four! I actually wondered when you were naming the twins what a possible sib would be, but it looks like you have it all figured out. :-)

    BTW, before I saw your kid's names, I wasnt all that crazy about Dorothy, Matilda, Eloise or even Penelope, but after seeing them paired up like you did, I am seeing them in a new light and loving them.

    To everyone,

    I have a son and am expecting my second (still don't know the sex of it) and would love (if you have the time) for you to suggest a sibname. Son is Abraham Redford. Thanks!!

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    Re: If you had 4 children they would be called

    All boys

    - Martin Robert - my son's name
    - Thomas Cain
    - Gordon William
    - Walter Deacon

    All Girls
    - Wren Elizabeth
    - Olive Francis
    - Virginia Clare
    - Gray Diana

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    Re: If you had 4 children they would be called

    If I had to decide right now:

    Malin Eloise
    Emmeline Linnea
    Elodie Lilja
    Madeleine Ilea

    Matthis Tjorven
    Finnjas Leif
    Taavi Elias
    Joris Marten

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    Re: If you had 4 children they would be called

    Zachary Samuel - my kiddo who is 7
    Rylan Kristopher

    Joselyn Lillie
    Evelyn Darlene

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    Re: If you had 4 children they would be called

    I have one son and he is 'Henry Christian.' That was the only name we could agree on so the next round for us should be this is all just hypothetical. Names can be interchanged with middles.


    Henry Christian
    Milo Thaddeus
    Annabel June
    Eliza Beatrice

    The only actual 2 names of these that my husband likes are Annabel and Beatrice, so realistically, our daughter would be Annabel Beatrice. He's iffy on Thaddeus (a family name on my side) and hates Milo. Eliza is a family name, but wonder if anyone would think anything if we had a Henry and an Eliza in a set thanks to "My Fair Lady" and the "There's a Hole in My Bucket" song. I would love an Eliza.


    Henry Christian
    Milo Thaddeus
    George Edward
    Desmond Parker (husband loves Desmond...Dez. Parker is a family name)


    Henry Christian
    Annabel June
    Eliza Beatrice
    Cecily Antonia

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