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    Re: Names from your heritage or ethnicity?

    Quote Originally Posted by dearest
    Thank you Susan!
    I spent a lot of time picking them out!
    Ravn is the Norwegian equivalent of Raven (big surprise) and has long tradition as a boys name but is very rare...
    It has one syllable, and the R is properly pronounced. I don't know what else to say about pronunciation to be honest!
    I'm glad you like it though!
    Ravn is beyond cool.
    Here are some more Scandinavian names that I love (which ones are Norwegian?):

    Matilde - ends in an "e" rather than an "a".
    Runa - like a rune?
    Tove - makes me think of a warm stove!

    Harald - love the second "a" rather than an "o".
    Oskar - love that "k".
    Sakari - sounds Japanese!

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    Re: Names from your heritage or ethnicity?

    Lovely list Susan!
    I'll look them all up for you in my Norwegian name resources and tell you what it says:
    Annika is Swedish, really, but it's well used in Norway!
    Ingrid is very Norwegian/Norse
    Lempi is a name I've never heard before, it's not Scandianvian!
    Lovisa is the Scandinavian form of Louisa/Louise, reminds me of the Norwegian feminine form of Ludvig, Lovinda which I think is really pretty!
    Matilde yes, with an -e, but it's still German!
    Runa, yes like Rune only two syllables with and a-ending, means secret and is Norse (which generally counts as Norwegian to me!)
    Thora is also Norse, from Thor
    Saga is a Swedish and Norwegian word, but has only been used as a name in Sweden until very recently
    Tove doesn't rhyme with stove! it's TAWE-veh (the o is pronounced like 'awe')

    Anders is a Norwegian variant of Andreas
    Finn is Norse, very Norse, means 'good at finding things' or 'a good hunter' ..
    Harald is our King, Norse and very lovely, means army chief!
    Jesper is Persian, related to Caspar and I have no idea how Norwegian it is, since it may have come with the Vikings or it may have come 700 years later, I have no way of knowing!
    Lars, the ultimate Norse name which is just the Norwegian form of Laurence really :)
    Linus is Latin, came into use in Norway in the 90's and is now on the top 100 for boys, so I guess in a way it's Scandinavian since it's mostly used in Scandinavia. I think it's more used in Sweden/denmark though, but I don't know...
    Olaf is Norse, more common now as Olav, has SO many pretty side forms, Olaus and Olaves for boys and Olava, Olea, Oleanna, Olina and Olette for the ladies! (Olava is my favourite, and Olav is my dad's name!)
    Oskar, we do love our k's in Norway!
    Per is a Norwegian variant of Peter
    Rasmus is Latin from Erasmus, but I think it's only being used in Scandinavia these days, mostly in Denmark where 1% of all men are called Rasmus!
    Sakari is not a Norwegian name, but Sakarias is the Norwegian form of Zachariah/Zachary
    Sven is the Danish form of the Norse Svein. 27000 are called Svein, 4000 are called Sven in Norway which means both forms are common, although one more so than the other!
    Torsten is a combination of Thor and Stone (big surprise!), more commonly used as Torstein which over 4000 are called. Only 89 are called Torsten...
    Åshild | lover of books & baked goods

    Norwegian word names
    Fryd + Lova + Vår + Sol
    [ + + + ]
    Iver + Trygg + Vilje + Leik


    Inga Ludivine + Eluney Bird + Tenebrae Rosa + Easter Ealisaid + Miruna Clio
    Arezou Salome + Liatris Una + Umeko Elettra + Noor Niobe

    [ + + + ]
    Sulo Alasdair + Echo Taliesin + Laufey Corentyn + Rivalen Rue
    Lupin Amias + Zennor Ianto + Etienne Tauno + Locryn Remiel + Aolú Immanuel


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    Re: Names from your heritage or ethnicity?

    I'm Celtic, mostly; Irish, Welsh, and Scottish, with a touch of German and Native American (Cherokee).

    IRISH GIRLS: Aileen (my MN), Aisling, Bridget, Catriona, Deirdre, Emer, Fiona, Grainne (pron. GRAWN-ya), Maureen, Moira, Nora, Roisin (pron. ROW-sheen), Siobhan (pron. Sha-VAWN), Sorcha (SORE-ka)
    IRISH BOYS: Brennan, Carey, Cian (KEEN), Cillian (KILL-ee-an), Columban, Connor, Cormac, Donovan, Fergus, Keane, Kieran, Killian, Niall, Riordan, Ronan, Shane
    SCOTTISH GIRLS: Ailsa, Blair, Elspeth, Lilias, Rhona
    SCOTTISH BOYS: Alasdair, Alister, Callum, Gavin, Grant, Gus, Ross, Scott
    WELSH GIRLS: Aderyn, Carys, Meredith
    WELSH BOYS: Gareth, Howell, Rhys
    GERMAN GIRLS: Ada, Adelaide, Agnes, Angelina, Astrid, Augusta, Caroline, Clara, Daniela, Eleonore, Elke, Elsa, Flora, Friederieke, Gabriela, Iris, Josephine, Katharine, Leona, Lydia, Miriam, Ottilie, Rosalie, Sonja, Sophia, Ursula, Vera
    GERMAN BOYS: Adam, Adrian, Anton, Arthur, Bertram, David, Edmond, Felix, Ferdinand, Henrik, Hugo, Isidor, Joachim, Kaspar, Leo, Leon, Marcellus, Markus, Oliver, Rafael, Sebastian, Simon, Soren, Tobias, Ulrich, Valentin, Wolfram

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