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Thread: Lennox

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    Hi. We are still searching for the perfect baby boy name and have come across Lennox...this issue is that I HATE the nickname Lenny (i LOVE it for a girl tho) ---- do you think that I could name this baby Lennox but call him Knox?? does that nickname seem to be too contrived? and that way I could avoid all the Brangelina connotations that would happen if I named him Knox.

    We have one DS named Dash - do Dash and Lennox/Knox go together okay?

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: Lennox

    I think you could pull it off no problem!
    I also think they work well as a sib set

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    Re: Lennox

    I think Knox is a good name for Lennox, and Lennox and Dash go together well.

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    Re: Lennox

    I love Lennox, and would just call him Lennox all the time rather than shortening it to anything.
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    I think you can definitely pull it off, and agree that Lennox and Dash work well together.
    Keep in mind too that if you call him Knox and that's what he know's himself as that then that's how he will introduce himself or that's how he will be known.

    My niece is Isabella. My sister hates Izzy as a nn, but loves Bella. Since we've always called her Bella that's what she is known as now and no one calls her Izzy.
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