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    Help! All my family will suggest are tryndee names!

    We are asking for suggestions from my side of the family, bless them...told them a few of our favorites, which lend themselves to the more classic styles, in general. However, our family thinks these sound "so old" and have latched onto names such as:

    Tenley (mom and sister's current fav--no thanks!)

    And also other variations of three random letters followed by -lyn or -ley. I know we probably should just not have shared at all, but I don't know how to make them understand that this is just not the style we are going for!

    Also, I've posted this before, but our favorites, as of now:

    Vincent Harrison
    Elliott Harrison
    Bram Harrison

    Francesca Faye
    Cordelia Faye
    Emily Eileen
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    Re: Help! All my family will suggest are tryndee names!

    Oh my goodness, I love Cordelia Faye so much! Excuse me, but you're the mother and you decide what is best for your kid - Tell your family they can call her Cordy if you don't mind.
    Elliott Harrison is completely gorgeous as well.
    It is your baby. They will get used to the name.

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    Re: Help! All my family will suggest are tryndee names!

    I think your names are fantastic! Obviously your family has different taste than you do, so you shouldn't worry too much about their criticism since it's not really relevant to what you're going for. Once the baby is born and named, they will warm up to the name because of their love for the child. In the meanwhile, it might be best to avoid further name discussion because it will only make you frustrated as you want them to feel the same way as you do and they aren't going to. You have to accept that. It's a long road to travel between Cordelia and Tenley; not a journey to be made in one lifetime!
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    Re: Help! All my family will suggest are tryndee names!

    Hi Emmy! :-)

    Vincent Harrison: I love this!

    Elliott Harrison: I think this is handome, too...

    Bram Harrison: I like the others more...

    Francesca Faye: So pretty!
    Cordelia Faye: LOVE!!!!

    I love your names, Emmy! I'm sorry you're being bombarded with trendy suggestions, but on the bright side, names like Tenley (I guess it's better than eightley or ninely) simply reinforce that you've made the right decisions with your list!

    My favorite of your options are Vincent Harrison (this sounds so distinguished to me) and Cordelia Faye, but they're all great. :-)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Help! All my family will suggest are tryndee names!

    They might not understand. Stick with what you like. Love the boy names.

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