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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Thanks everyone... I think I have my list figured out (for now).

    Girl: Linnea Pearl Schuurman or Linnea Rosalie Schuurman

    Backups (in case she doesn't look like a Linnea, or in case DH decides he absolutely hates it):
    Rebecca Pearl Schuurman
    Caroline Rosalie Schuurman
    Adeline Pearl Schuurman

    Boy: Everett Andrew Schuurman or Everett Thomas Schuurman

    Grant Henry Schuurman
    Clark Henry Schuurman
    Clark Matthew Schuurman

    Feels so good to finally have some names that I love. Linnea just came up in conversation with a co-worker last night, and hearing it aloud it just clicked. I love that it is not common, but also not entirely unheard of. It also doesn't hurt that it is a nod to my Scandinavian heritage. I am going to try not to even bring it up with the hubby until he decides to talk names, because I do not want his attitude towards the conversation to affect his reaction to the names. I am confident in my choices (and my backup choices), so it really doesn't matter to me if he's not ready to talk names until after the birth!

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Proud mommy to:
    💕 Amy Kaia 😍
    🐶 Dexter Morgan (furbaby...and yes, has a middle name) 😜

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    I love Linnea, and your other girl choices are lovely too. The boy choices are classic and handsome. Good luck with everything!

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Quote Originally Posted by lemon
    Quote Originally Posted by brittanysarah
    Quote Originally Posted by lemon

    I'm too lazy to compile your "shortened long list" from what you liked of everyone's suggestions, so I'm just going to do mine. If it didn't have a strong "cute" or "love" reaction, I nixed it...

    Possible First Names:


    Possible Middle Names:


    I will also add Rosalia into the middle name category, but you can honor Gran with Rosalind, Rosaleen, Rosamund, Rosalie, Rosemary, Rosa, or just plain Rose!

    I would suggest that the best first names out of this collection, with your last name, are Caroline and Hazel, both of which I happen to adore. Alice Schuurman seems to abrupt in my opinion, while Ivy Schuurman sounds a bit harsh...

    Caroline Phoebe Rose Schuurman
    Caroline Rosalie Kate Schuurman
    Caroline Willa Rosalind Schuurman

    Hazel Rosemary Katherine Schuurman
    Hazel Katherine Rose Schuurman
    Hazel Phoebe Rosalind Schuurman

    Possible First Names:


    Possible Middle Names:


    Going of the fact that you don't want two Tom's in your family, I think the best first names for you, with Schuurman, are Everett and Rupert.

    Rupert Isaac Anderson Schuurman
    Rupert Nathaniel Hendrik (Henry) Schuurman
    Rupert Nathaniel Thomas Schuurman

    Everett Anderson Wyatt Schuurman
    Everett Nathaniel John Schuurman
    Everett Isaac Anderson Schuurman

    You mentioned that you loved the suggestion of Everett Nathaniel Schuurman almost enough to nix the idea of a family middle name. Did you not care for the suggestions of Everett Nathaniel John Schuurman or Everett Nathaniel Thomas Schuurman? I think that an ideal way of guaranteeing a name you love while also honoring family may be to use two middle names...

    Tell me if any of these strike your (and your husband's) fancy! Best of luck!
    I know what you mean about my shortened long list, I haven't even gotten around to that yet! Unfortunately, I won't be able to tell you what DH thinks about any of these names anytime in the near future. I have taken some great advice from a FertilityFriend name goddess and will not be nagging about the name issue until he is ready to discuss it on his own. Until then, I am working on my short list.

    Everett Nathaniel Thomas Schuurman and Everett Nathaniel John Schuurman are just too lengthy for me. Also, I am all for name eqaulity between sibilngs, and I just don't want to get myself stuck on finding 3 names for a potential of 3 more kids! Everett Nathaniel has a perfect flow, and for me, the extra names, while adding sentiment, take away from the names.

    Everett Anderson Schuurman, now that could work! The "Anderson Schuurman" part doesn't flow quite as nicely as it did when you added Wyatt, but I think 4 names is just 1 too many for me. How often do you say the full name anyway?
    Everett Isaac Schuurman would be nice as well, but the Anderson family means more to me than Isaac.

    Also loving Caroline Rosalie (I really prefer Rosalie over Rosalia too, one letter different, but it flows so much better!) and Hazel Rosemary.

    Thank you!
    I'm glad you really like Caroline Rosalie and Hazel Rosemary! I think they are both really elegant and sophisticated, and they sound wonderful with Schuurman!

    I honestly agree with you about the dual middle name issue - it just isn't my cup of tea either (perhaps because I'm a big fan of monogramming, and four initials can be a challenge...). If you do decide that Everett Nathaniel is okay, I love it! But, since you mentioned Everett Anderson Schuurman, I thought I might suggest something else. Everett Anderson certainly works, but might you consider Everett Andrew Schuurman? Like Rosalie and Rosemary, Andrew honors the Anderson surname without being exact...
    Love Hazel Rosemary! Oh, but I see you're not thinking about that one anymore.
    Love Clark Henry Schuurman! Clark Schuurman sounds strong and handsome to me.
    Rebecca Pearl Schuurman is great, and so is Adeline Pearl Schuurman! Pearl softens the last name Schuurman.

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Firstly, I like Heather and I don't think it's too dated. If you both love it then use it! From your boys list, I like Grant the's shorter which works well with a longer name and there are no 'k's which could sound clumsy with your last name.

    As for middles for a girl...
    Sera-English, variant of Sarah or short for Seraphina

    Some ideas for firsts...
    Calluna-Latin name for the heather plant
    Erica-also a name for the heather plant
    Aleida-Dutch and German short form of Adelaide
    Katrien-Dutch form of Katherine

    For boys:
    I like Nolan and Hendrik from your list and here are some other ideas...

    Bram-Dutch variation of Abraham
    Henry-somewhat popular
    Heinrik-Dutch form of Henry
    Nils-Swedish form of Nicholas

    ...hope this helps and good luck finding just the right name!

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