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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Thanks for the lists ladies, I do like many of these, keep them coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by rocketpop
    My opinion of Heather is that if you both love it, go for it. I noticed that Andy is on your family name list for boys. I actually love Andie for a girl :)
    I also like Andie for a girl, but it feels a little nicknamey for our style, and I am not an Andrea fan, any other ideas for a formal name with the NN Andie?

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    not trendy names
    -Hubby only likes family names, but I would prefer to keep them in MN slot. Family name options include: (fem) -

    (I am taking away the middle names that have been overdone in the past or are really not in style like Mildred)

    Gretje - fascinating!
    Pearl - lucky you that Pearl is a family name! Gorgeous middle name.
    Rosalia, also love Rosalie so much
    Margaret & variations (Gretja, Pearl) - gorgeous

    Andy - I would change this to Andrew or even Drew.
    Ralph - I would change this to Rafe.
    Albert - love it.
    Matthew - even though this is popular, it makes a great middle name.
    Tom - I would change this to Thomas. Love it as a first name, too!
    Hendrik - love!
    Jakob - cool, but Jacob is so popular.

    -Dog's name is Evey (pron. eh-V, not E.V.), nn Evelyn, so nothing too similar to that
    -This will be the first of ~4 children, I need something that will leave sibling options open

    Some of my ideas have included (although a few are too popular for use, DH isn't interested in most):

    Adeline - pretty, but I am not super fond of it. I love Adelaide more.
    Clara (too much like Kara, my sister?) - no, I think that Clara could honor your sister's name. Clara Skerman isn't that great imo.
    Aubrey (too trendy) - I love Audrey Skerman.
    Heather (we both love, others feel it's too dated, opinions?) - dated
    Nadia - I don't care for it. Makes me think of the words naughty and nude. And the Spanish word nada which means nothing.
    Norah - love, but I don't like it with Skerman.
    Rebecca - love it, but it is a bit dated in the Northeastern U.S. in case you live there. Sounds great with Skerman.
    Scarlett (again, too pop?) - love it, but not with Skerman.
    Sonja - pretty and different - kind of pretty with Skerman, but it is kind of sing-song.
    Hannah (too popular) - too popular, but love it with Skerman.

    Winners on your list: Adeline (not my personal favorite, but it is very loved on Nameberry), Rebecca, Audrey

    Adeline Pearl Skerman*, pretty!
    Audrey Margaret* - kind of wordy with Skerman, but I love Margaret. Let's see Audrey Margaret Skerman, I think it is too "r" heavy. How about Audrey Madeline Skerman****, much better!
    Audrey Pearl Skerman*, pretty!
    Rebecca Pearl Skerman, pretty, but I love Audrey Pearl Skerman the most, I think.
    Rebecca Maeve Skerman***, that is pretty! The "v" sound softens everything.
    Rebecca Violet Skerman***, that is pretty, too!
    Adelaide is so pretty, but I don't like it with Skerman.

    What about Pearl Gretje Skerman? Love it. It's cool and it's different.
    Also Pearl Adeline Skerman*** - I love it even more.

    Andrew (bad assoc. in DH's family) - has been super popular for many years.
    Benjamin - love, but both Benjamin and Skerman end in the same sound.
    Carter - to me, this is a trendy name.
    Clark - love, very handsome with Skerman.
    Elliott - love, nice with your last name.
    Emmett - don't like Emmett, don't like with Skerman.
    Garrett - don't like with Skerman.
    Grant - not my style, but I like it with Skerman.
    Landon - don't like with Skerman.

    I don't like last name style names with Skerman.

    Winners on boys' list: Clark, Elliott, and Grant. I am not adding Thomas because it ends with an "s" and Skerman starts with an "S". Too bad. I am changing Henrik to Henry because the "k" in Henrik isn't working with the "k" in Skerman.

    Andrew Jacob Skerman, sounds great
    Andrew Rafe Skerman, sounds great!
    Clark Henry Skerman, ditto***
    Clark Matthew Skerman, sounds great!*
    Elliott Rafe Skerman, ditto
    Grant Henry Skerman, ditto*
    Grant Jakob Skerman, ditto
    Jakob Andrew Skerman, very handsome!
    Jakob Henry Skerman, ditto!*
    Henry Grant Skerman, ditto
    Henry Jakob Skerman, ditto*
    Henry Matthew Skerman ditto

    I am starring my favorite name combos.

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Oh, screw anonymity, I can't stand looking at my substitute last name, it is Schuurman, and this particular branch of the family pronounces it with a K and about half way between an "ur" and an "er". This may help with the "K" repetition, but again, it still sounds like a K. You are definitely right that some first names just don't sound right with the last name (although I admit, a few of those I just hadn't really thought through, like Benjamin). We can just keep them in mind style-wise.

    For everyone who has suggested Everett, I totally love this one, it's actually one of my favourites on my list, I just forgot to include it. I also love Nathaniel, but there was just one born last year in the tiny community we will be living in. I like the idea of Thomas (the Tom we are honouring is FIL, who's name is actually Taeke or some Dutch combo of those letters). I agree that Mildred is just too horrible to give even as a middle name, too bad, because I really love my Gran! DH's family seems to have all the good names.

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Hi again!

    I originally suggested Everett because it sounded a lot like your style, so I'm glad you love it! Nathaniel is one of my favorite names, honestly, so I'm also glad you like it, even if it is sort of out of the question for a first name (as you suggested). Have you considered Everett Nathaniel Schuurman - sorry if I just misspelled your last name. I really love it! If you want, you could pair Nathaniel with a family name and give your son two middle names, if baby ends up being a boy...

    Andy, Anderson, Ralph, Albert, Matthew, Tom, Nolan, Hendrik, Jakob, John, Bryan

    Everett Nathaniel John Schuurman
    Everett Nathaniel Ralph Schuurman

    Or, what about Everett Thomas Schuurman? I remember you saying that your dog is named Evey, with the nickname of Evelyn, and I know that Everett has the same beginning sound. However, as much as I hate to say this, and at the risk of sounding completely insensitive, children last much longer than dogs, and your child's name will be a part of your family tree, well, forever. Trust me, I'm a dog lover too, but I felt the need to state the, well, obvious. If it truly is a problem, though, I also quite like Thomas Everett Schuurman!

    Are you liking any of the girl names so far? You mentioned that Mildred may be too awful to bestow on a future daughter, and I hate to agree. However, could you potentially use your Gran's middle or last names in a child's name?

    Again, best of luck, and I look forward to helping you with your name search! :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

    Boy Combinations: Archer Solomon James, Ronan Charles Bennett, Everett Hawthorn Thomas
    Girl Combinations: Phoebe Marietta Pearl, Clara Daphne Eloise
    Other Favorites: Eliza (Eliza Wren), Juliet, Rosanna, Thea, Johanna, Jude

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    Re: HELP needed, first baby...

    Adeline- nn Addie
    Sarah- way to popular and plain
    Charlotte- I like it! NN- Lottie
    Clara- Not to close to Kara
    Aubrey- Call her Bree
    Heather- Ehh, not one of my favorites, or even close to one!
    Nadia- Only like it if you are Indian
    Norah- Love it!!!!!
    Rebecca- Call here Beka
    Scarlett- Cute . . .
    Sonja- Ehhh
    Hannah- I like it spelled Hanna

    Andrew- Maybe Drew
    Benjamin- Very popular, but I like it
    Carter- Ohh! This is good!
    Clark- I like it.
    Elliott- Love it!
    Emmett- One of my faves
    Garrett- might be called Gary . . .
    Grant- Oldish name.
    Landon- I really don't like it for a boy . . . or girl.

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