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  • Rosalie Mae

    14 43.75%
  • Ivy Patricia

    18 56.25%
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    Re: Leah's little sister

    Quote Originally Posted by luciabd
    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Re: Rosalind. We briefly considered Rosaline which is apparently a variation of Rosalind, but then I read that the name is actually of Germanic origin and probably means something along the lines of gentle or weak horse. Since Leah is often said to mean weary one or cow, it seems like we’d be setting up a naming theme based on tired barn animals. Probably no one would realize this, but it would bother me.

    I guess we don’t have to have a middle name with a family connection, but it’s very much my preference. I’d like the first name, which gets used all the time, to be one that I really love to use the middle name to honour family members.

    I love Isla but my husband has vetoed it. His taste in names is pretty conservative, I guess? His favourites are very familiar names like Emily, Sarah- classics that are nice but get used too often for me.

    We do have Evelyn with nn Evie on our longer list of potential names. My husband’s name is Adam and I wondered if it sounded too much like Adam and Eve?

    For whoever asked: we pronounce Leah as Lee-uh.

    Interesting he likes Ivy since he generally likes the classics. I think if you both really love Ivy, go for it!

    I prefer Ivy Mae to Ivy Patricia though, personally.

    I love Sarah though I think the Sara spelling is fresher. Sara Mae is pretty.

    Adam and Evie, I see the concern.

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    Leah being a Biblical name would suit all the Biblical girl's names eg

    Leah and Esther
    Leah and Phoebe
    Leah and Bethany

    or modern names like

    Leah and Alexa
    Leah and Katherine/Kate
    Leah and Courtney
    Leah and Jessica
    Leah and Isla (lovely)
    Leah and Annelise
    Leah and Madeleine
    Leah and Halle
    Leah and Tahlia
    Leah and Holly
    Leah and Ellen or Elise
    Leah and Skye
    Leah and Brittany
    Leah and Paige

    I don't like Ivy as I have already mentioned and I don't think that Rosalie is the ticket either but I do think that Isla and Leah make an outstanding sibset.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I think you should go back and consider the names both you and your husband both love since ultimately you'll be happiest going that route.

    Ivy (even though this one has mixed reviews - all names are subjective)
    Rosalie (I think the "lee" sounds in both is a negligible issue)
    Lucy (Lucy and Leah are cute!)
    Lucia (Lucia and Leah are cute!)

    Mae and Patricia as middles

    I like Lucia Mae or Lucia Patricia best!

    Would you say (Lou-chee-a) or (Lou-sha)?

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    Just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts on our names.

    We still like both Ivy and Rosalie, but are going back to the drawing board a bit for some new ideas. If it's okay, will probably be back at some point for some more feedback.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    A thousand votes for Rosalie!!! I don't think the long e sounds in both girls' names is a big deal, I mean they are two individuals - they won't be a sibling "set" forever. If you love Rosalie, go for it! It's beautiful!

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