View Poll Results: Which name do you prefer for Leah's sister?

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  • Rosalie Mae

    14 43.75%
  • Ivy Patricia

    18 56.25%
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    Re: Leah's little sister

    Thanks for the replies. I do agree with those who said that the "lie" sound in Rosalie repeats in Leah's name. I guess I like the name so much that I was trying to ignore that.

    We did originally consider Rosemary but have an older Rosemary in the family and I think that using it could cause some trouble as people will assume we're naming our daughter after her (family politics). Rose is pretty and was on our list, but I don't love it nearly as much as Rosalie.

    It seems harder to name a second baby- the name of the first puts constraints that we didn't consider when naming baby #1. For example, my top pick this time around (and hubby likes it too) would have been Lucy (probably full name of Lucia) but that's just too matchy with Leah.

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    Both your combos have great flow and I am delighted to see the elegant, sophisticated, all together gorgeous Patricia on the list.

    I do not like Ivy so my vote went to Rosalie which is a very pretty name.
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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I picked Rosalie. Hmmm. Yeah, the Lee sounds in both names are a problem. What about Rosalind nn Rose and Rosie?
    Ivy is very cute, too. But since I wouldn't want to be named Ivy myself, I have a hard time recommending it.

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I voted for Ivy because it goes so nicely with Leah. I love Rosalie but it doesn't fit as well with Leah.

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I voted for Ivy but I don't think Ivy Patricia rings well. Is it possible to make it Ivy Mae? Because that sounds really cute! Ivy and Leah! (ps. do you pron. it Lee-uh or Lay-uh?)
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