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  • Rosalie Mae

    14 43.75%
  • Ivy Patricia

    18 56.25%
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    Leah's little sister

    Iíve been looking at this site for a while now while thinking about a name for our second baby girl due this spring. Weíre having trouble coming to a decision about a name but have a couple of lead contenders and would love your opinions.

    Our first daughterís name is Leah. Our top two picks for her baby sister are Ivy and Rosalie (Rosie).

    Iíve loved Ivy for a while but am not 100 % certain about using it.

    I came across Rosalie while looking for a formal name for nickname Rosie. Iíve looked at the other Rose alternatives but Rosalie is my favourite. My concern about the name is that people will associate it with the Twilight series. I have read the books and enjoyed them kind of guiltily but would not want people to think thatís where her name came from.

    Middle names are likely to be Mae or Patricia (family reasons)- likely Ivy Patricia or Rosalie Mae.

    My husband currently prefers Ivy; Iím torn. Since weíre not sharing names with family/friends, would love to hear some views.

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I voted for Ivy, even though rosalie is one of my favorite names I think Leah & Ivy make a cute sib set

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I do not think that Rosalie will be too associated with the Twilight phenomenon, at least hopefully not a few years from now, but I voted for Ivy. I adore both Ivy and Rosie (latter is my daughter's nn), but Leah (which I also love) sounds very similar to the ending of Rosalie, and for that reason I prefer the set of Leah and Ivy.

    Ivy Patricia would be a lovely choice!

    Good luck!

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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I love Rosalie, but I also think it sounds like it incorporates Leah's name, so I don't think it would work for you to use it. Have you considered using just Rose?

    Ivy is cute, but I don't think it's quite right. It just sounds flimsy next to the classic elegant Leah.

    Some other suggestions:
    Naomi (Mimi)
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    Re: Leah's little sister

    I voted for Ivy. I agree with pp about the ending of Rosalie incorporating Leah's sound. I would have voted for Rosemary nn Rosie over Ivy if that had been the option but I do really like Ivy.

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