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Thread: Ivy Ace Mayer?

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    Hi Everyone,
    thank you so much for your responses! My husband and I liked a lot of them quite a bit--in fact many of your suggestions were names we had considered, like Quinn, Greer, Reese, Brynn, etc, all of which are lovely. But Ace has just seemed to click. Though it might be a little strange, my husband and I are becoming pretty attached to it. It just seems like the way to go. (Still, I do wonder what some of the older relatives will say when the birth announcement arrives!)

    I really appreciate all of you taking the time to come up with ideas. I particularly liked West, and I also think that the IAM initials are cool! Thanks again,

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    Glad that you have the first name but really Ace is a bit out there isn't it?

    Ivy Kate packs some punch and so do these options

    Ivy Stella
    Ivy Alexa
    Ivy Harriet
    Ivy Madeleine
    Ivy Roberta
    Ivy Tessa
    Ivy Madison (btw I hate Madison in fn position)
    Ivy Magdalene
    Ivy Evangeline
    Ivy Shiloh
    Ivy have you got a maiden name that would flow well with Ivy and Mayer or a family name that would fit too eg Ivy Kingsley Mayer?
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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    Ace is better than Wade or James (for a girl or boy)!

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    I actually really like Ivy James Mayer or Ivy West Mayer :)
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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    im not a fan of ivy ace. I dont like the name Ace for a girl or boy and Ivy needs a longer mn. BUT if both you and DH like it go for it.

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