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Thread: Ivy Ace Mayer?

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    Ivy Ace Mayer?

    Hi Everyone,
    Lauren again.
    So my husband came up with Ivy Ace Mayer somehow and he's totally into it. We have decided on Ivy but we're looking for a middle name. We'd been thinking we'd like something that's one syllable that packs some punch and is sort of off the beaten path (at least for a girl). Other things we were thinking of are:
    Ivy Wade Mayer
    Ivy Max Mayer
    Ivy James Mayer

    but my husband is fast becoming obsessed with Ivy Ace Mayer. I actually like it--which is sort of a surprise to even to me--what are your opinions?

    Another avenue we were exploring was using a middle name with 3 syllables and we were looking at Ivy Tabitha Mayer or Ivy Eloise Mayer. Still these are a bit girlie for us.

    So what do you think?

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of any of the short masculine names for a middle for Ivy that you mentioned.

    I love Ivy Eloise Mayer, though, so pretty. But if it's too girly for you, then here are some suggestions that are short, and neither too "feminine" or too "masculine" -

    Ivy Kate Mayer
    Ivy Flynn Mayer
    Ivy Drew Mayer
    Ivy Lee Mayer
    Ivy Quinn Mayer
    Ivy Reese Mayer
    Ivy Liv Mayer
    Ivy Bree Mayer
    Ivy Brynn Mayer
    Ivy Greer Mayer

    I personally would go with a longer, girlier middle name, but if that's not your style then don't do it, pick a name you like!

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    I have to say that out of the choices you have come up with so far, I like Ace the best! Although Ivy is traditionally a girl's name, with the other middle name choices, the whole name sounds distinctly masculine.

    I don't know if you are looking for other options, but here's some that came to mind:

    Ivy Lane
    Ivy Bay
    Ivy Shea (very unisex name right now)
    Ivy Lon
    Ivy Rain

    If you weren't looking for other options, I'd say go for Ace!

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    I think if you both love it, go for it! I like it, and the weirdo in me things I AM are cool initials. Very existential.

    I think it's really cute and admirable when men are really into names. In my experience, guys don't really seem to care very often, so it's so cool when they do.

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    Re: Ivy Ace Mayer?

    I forgot my favorite middle name: Ivy West!

    I have always thought West would make such a great middle name, but cannot use it with my last name. :( It has such a great sound, it is very uncommon, and it has great connotations in folklore (West wind, symbolism of the direction West) and old Hollywood (Mae West).

    Ivy West Mayer...what do you think?

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