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    Re: Very Long Baby Name Game (Life Story)

    It is 1960 and you have just gotten married! It has taken some time for you to find ďthe oneĒ and you are both 30 when you get married, but you are so in love. You are the perfect couple: youíre both well-liked, beautiful people with popular 1930ís names.

    Your full name: Margaret Ruth Farrell

    Husbandís full name: Richard James Farrell

    You realize that the spare bedroom in your new house will be perfect for a nursery and canít wait to fill it! You start trying for a baby right away and it happens very quickly. In 1961, you deliver a bouncing baby boy! You and your husband are thrilled with the new addition. You decide to honor the babyís grandfathers by making his first name reminiscent of your fatherís name and his middle name reflective of your father-in-lawís name.

    Your fatherís name: Henry Clarence Lamont

    Father-in-lawís name: William George Farrell

    Baby Boy #1ís name: William Henry Farrell

    You love caring for Baby Boy #1, but after 2 years you begin to yearn for a daughter. Your husband also wants a little girl to dote on. In 1964 when your son is 3, you have a healthy girl. You want her to have an angelic and feminine name.

    Baby Girl #1ís name: Deborah Mary Farrell

    You are so happy with your family and are determined to be the perfect housewife and mother, but your husband has a secret to tell you: he has just discovered that he has a 13 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Her mother has recently died, and she has to move in with you! You are shocked by the news and are not ready for a teenager, especially with a newborn in the house. Nevertheless, you love your husband and rise to the challenge. The thirteen year old was named by a teenage mother so she has quite a trendy name from the 1950's.

    Stepdaughterís name: Linda Pamela Russell

    You learn to love your stepdaughter as your own and settle into life with a 13 year old, a 3 year old, and an infant. Life goes as planned for 5 years. In 1969, when your stepdaughter leaves for college and your youngest is 5, you long to have a baby in the house again. You are 38 now and are unsure if you can get pregnant, but you decide to give it a try. Miraculously, you find out that youíre pregnant with twins! 1 boy and 1 girl arrive in 1970. Youíre so thrilled with having twins that you want their names to match.

    Twin Boyís name: Steven Thomas Farrell

    Twin Girlís name: Shannon Tamara Farrell

    With four biological children plus your stepdaughter, you feel complete and decide to stop having children. Though you donít expect your family to expand anymore, your stepdaughter is beginning a family of her own. She meets and falls in love with a German man who attends her college. In 1971, when she is just 20, she quickly marries him and adopts his German last name.

    Son-in-law #1ís name: Jurgen Markus Metzger

    Stepdaughterís new name: Linda Pamela Russell Metzger

    Little do you know that the reason for their quick marriage is that your stepdaughter is pregnant! She gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and gives her a German first name. Since you have been such a positive maternal influence in her life, your stepdaughter honors you with her babyís middle name.

    Granddaughter #1ís name: Hannelore Margaret Metzger

    In 1972, when your first granddaughter is born, your other children are 11, 8, and 2. You are keeping busy with them and donít plan on adding to your family since you are 42. However, your husband has a friend who recently adopted a child, and you and your husband see how happy he and his wife are with their new baby. You are quite drawn to the idea of adoption. In 1974 you get approved to adopt in Africa, and instead of bringing home one baby you bring home triplets (2 boys, 1 girl) who have been orphaned. Although you give them popular 1970ís first names, it is important to you to honor their heritage and give them African middle names.

    Triplet Boy #1ís name: Michael Ayodele Farrell ("joy has come home" in Yoruba)

    Triplet Boy #2ís name: Matthew Olufemi Farrell ("God loves me" in Yoruba)

    Triplet Girlís name: Melissa Enitan Farrell ("person of story" in Yoruba)

    Life is great! Time flies and you watch your first son go to college, then your first daughter go to nursing school. In 1986, when your son is 25 and traveling in Mexico, he meets a beautiful Hispanic woman who he proposes to. He brings her back to the U.S. and you have the pleasure of meeting your first daughter-in-law. You admire her ornate Hispanic name.

    Daughter-in-law #1ís name: Gabriela Rosario Xochitl Pťrez MartŪnez

    Within two years, your first son and daughter-in-law give you your second grandchild. They have a baby boy with a common 1980ís first name and a Hispanic middle name. His last name is hyphenated so it includes both his motherís maiden name and his fatherís last name.

    Grandson #1ís name: Brandon Miguel Farrell-Pťrez

    Your first daughter is next to get married. She meets a handsome doctor at the hospital where she works as a nurse and marries him in 1988. The doctor is Irish and his name reflects that.

    Son-in-law #2ís name: Sean Padraig Daly

    In 1990, your daughter gives birth to twin girls! You love little girls and are thrilled! The girls are given fully Irish names like their fatherís.

    Twin Granddaughter #2ís name: Aoife Brighid Daly

    Twin Granddaughter #3ís name: Emer Fionnuala Daly

    Five years later your second son marries a lovely girl with a classic American name.

    Daughter-in-law #2ís name: Rebecca Anne Whitney

    The happy couple decides to have just one baby. It turns out to be a baby boy and your second grandson! The babyís first name is your daughter-in-lawís favorite name. His middle name is a tribute to the babyís grandfather (your husband.)

    Grandson #2ís name: Benjamin Richard Farrell

    Your second daughter seems content without any children. She decides against getting married, but she resides with her partner in Australia. Her boyfriend has a popular Australian name.

    Boyfriendís name: Jack Lachlan Cooper

    By now we're up to 1996 and the triplets were adopted in 1974. Since they clearly aren't nine years old, I'm adding a bit for them and the grandchildren.

    Your older triplet son gets transferred to Kyoto in 1997, where he meets and marries a charming young lady. She has a beautiful Japanese name.

    Daughter-in-law #3ís name (written Western style): Noriko Tayama

    The following year, they have a little boy--your third grandson! They elect to give him a Western first name and a Japanese middle name.

    Grandson #3ís name: Alexander Ichiro Farrell

    Your younger triplet son is gay. In 1998, he moves to Connecticut, meets a nice young man and gets married by a justice of the peace. Your new son-in-law has an Italian-American name.

    Son-in-law #2ís name: Joseph Francis Bonaventura

    In 2001, they adopt a child--an adorable little girl of nine. You love her on sight. Born in 1992, your new granddaughter has a gender-neutral first name and a traditionally female middle name:

    Granddaughter #4ís name: Morgan Amanda Bonaventura-Farrell

    Your triplet daughter decides she doesn't want to get married. She does, however, want children. In January 2002, she gets artificially inseminated and nine months later gives birth to your fourth grandson. She gives him an African first name and the surname of a black scientist as a middle name:

    Grandson #4ís name: Olujimi Julian Farrell (for Percy Lavon Julian [], who first developed cortisone)

    In 2002, your oldest granddaughter (the one with the German name, who is now 31) gets married. Your new grandson-in-law is from New Orleans, and has a French name.

    Grandson-in-law 1's name: Nicolas Baptiste Trevigne

    In 2005, they have a pair of fraternal twins--one girl and one boy. They elect to give the children the first names of their paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather and, as middle names, the first names of their maternal grandmother and grandfather (your stepdaughter and son-in-law).

    Great-Granddaughter #1ís name: Justine Linda Trevigne

    Great-Grandson #2ís name: Raimond Jurgen Trevigne

    By 2011, your oldest grandson is 23, your twin granddaughters are 21, your second grandson is 15, your third grandson is 13, your fourth granddaughter is 19, your fourth grandson is 10, and your great-grandchildren are 6. Your grandchildren of marriageable age are busy with school and work and don't have the money to get married yet. This gives you some time to just sit back and enjoy your family! Congratulations!

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