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Thread: who are they?

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    who are they?

    this is sort of like fictional people when i haer names i often get a picture in my head, I will list 12 names first middle and last the next operson will put a - after them and give a short description on who they picture , then post their own list for the next person

    example Cindy Lou Curtis- cindy lou's parent's loved dr. Suess too much, Cindy is 35 years old, she is overweight, lives in her parent's basement and thinks she knows everything, poor Cindy

    now the list:

    1 Zula Myracle Proud
    2 Deacon Jerome Fox
    3 Anne Carmelia Cotter
    4 Clinton Alexander Strickland
    5 Amberly Esperanza Wharton
    6 Kermit Austin Gibbs
    7 Linus Isidore Mackinney
    8 Maddison Sybil Rhodes
    9 Eaden Luziana Phillips
    10 Bill Orville Jones
    11 Kerryl Lupe Finnerty
    12 Sonnee Tylour Maxwell

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    Re: who are they?

    1 Zula Myracle Proud - her parents were hippies and thought their girl will do something big one day. She is an accountant and lives with her three cats in an apartment where she annually scares kids with her elaborate Halloween costumes.
    2 Deacon Jerome Fox - Left his fifth wife and his ten kids and moved to Mexico to preach God's word to orphans.
    3 Anne Carmelia Cotter - Her mother was a romantic soul and always imagined her girl living life like her favorite heroines. Anne, however is pragmatical, down-to-earth working mother of two.
    4 Clinton Alexander Strickland - Was named by two devoted Democrats in 1990s. He will grow up to be very strict Republican and will change his name at 21 for Dwight George.
    5 Amberly Esperanza Wharton - Was picked on as a child and called "poley". She is now well rounded young woman finishing her major in Biology.
    6 Kermit Austin Gibbs - This former kid actor is now obese middle aged man addicted to pop tarts.
    7 Linus Isidore Mackinney - Has a successful business in selling printed toilet paper with faces of famous people on it.
    8 Maddison Sybil Rhodes - is ordinary housewife who loves soap operas and cleaning the pool.
    9 Eaden Luziana Phillips - spent her whole life spelling her name to random people. Recently, she created her own alter ego named Mary Alice Parker. They are great, thanks for asking.
    10 Bill Orville Jones - was named by his super macho father and destined to be a policeman like daddy. He is a ballet dancer.
    11 Kerryl Lupe Finnerty
    12 Sonnee Tylour Maxwell - those two created a web site called: and are devour advocates of legalization of baby naming rules in USA.

    Next set:
    1. Meredith Anne Kirby
    2. Starlee Jayde Lennox
    3. Harper G Harper
    4. Kiki Lou Welsh
    5. Indie Driver Thomas
    6. Hunter Colt Robbins
    7. K'mron D-kn Smith
    8. Peanut Buster Jerry

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    Re: who are they?

    Next set:
    1. Meredith Anne Kirby- Her dad was a vaccuum cleaner salesman, everyone picked on her growing up for having an old lady's name but she has turned out allright and is now a great singer

    2. Starlee Jayde Lennox- she was born to a teenage drug addicted mother, you can see her stripping at the local bar almost every night of the week

    3. Harper G Harper her parents didnt know what to name her so they just put this on her bith cretifcate, she goes by Ginger since her middle name is just an intial and she has red hair

    4. Kiki Lou Welsh her dad named her after a cat he had when he was young, She grew up a poiled rich girl and married a brain surgeon

    5. Indie Driver Thomas-a gir whose parents loved nascar, however most people don't know her middle name, and her first name fits her giddy, and childish personality

    6. Hunter Colt Robbins- his parents wants a manly name and they chose well, hunter is on his highschool wrestling team, and hes and hes popular with the ladies

    7. K'mron D-kn Smith- A boy who was adopted when he was 5, he is african american, and was raised was by two caucasian lesbians,he's a bit confused about sexuality

    8. Peanut Buster Jerry- his parents didn't really want a child, but it happened,and they gave him this name as a joke but hes had to live with it all his life, he works as dog groomer and is a very angry man.

    1. Arella December Foss
    2.Felix Cormac Warr
    3. Lucious Rainbow Friend

    4. Taylor Elaine Talada I actually know her and i always wondered how this little girl survibes this names at school when they just call her first and last combo

    5. Brylyn Jenaya Webb
    6. Amaury Prosper Coyle
    7.Burgundy Noellie Pleus
    8. Ivanna Zoya Mays
    9. Aaron Leroy McCracken I know this one too
    10,Philip Stas Crouse

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    Re: who are they?

    1. Arella December Foss: aspiring abstract artist that keeps a strand of hair tucked behind her ears at all times for comfort.
    2.Felix Cormac Warr: Stereotypical preteen boy, good at heart but just trying to fit in with all the other stereotypical preteen boys.
    3. Lucious Rainbow Friend: Stopped being five years old much faster than her parents realized she would.
    4. Taylor Elaine Talada: got a detention on the first day of school for yelling at her teacher, the other kids, the janitor, and everyone else who even raised an eyebrow at her name.
    5. Brylyn Jenaya Webb: had a son at age 16, named him Vylynt Eighorn.
    6. Amaury Prosper Coyle: Wishes that he was "James Jones." Doesn't actually realize that he likes his name.
    7.Burgundy Noellie Pleus: the spaced-out nail-biting kid that proves the saying "There's one in every crowd."
    8. Ivanna Zoya Mays: A born diva and media manipulator. Pity she's anything but famous.
    9. Aaron Leroy McCracken: Spent years trying not to yell at people who snickered at his name. Now splits his time between meditating and screaming into pillows.
    10,Philip Stas Crouse: the very stereotype of a senior citizen, since Day 2 (when his parents used his full name for the 1st time.)

    1. Zaniah Trixie Whynch
    2. Evie Posee Kyoo
    3. Harper Chasen Taylor
    4. Davey M'Robert Jonas
    5. Baxter Anne Li
    6. Kayleeigh Aevah
    7. Jessamine Aalia Faye
    8. Lexie Marie Kelley
    9. Amethyst John Macsen
    10. Jacob James Jones

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    Re: who are they?

    1. Zaniah Trixie Whynch-everyone picked oner her and called her wench due to her surnames shes 21 now and has legally changed her entire name to Tania Zipporah walters

    2. Evie Posee Kyoo- evie is a 16 year old asian exchange student- who finds everyone around to be very weird

    3. Harper Chasen Taylor- he was always told that eh ahs a girls names and the r at end of his first and last always made him seem akward, so he decided to go by just his last name

    4. Davey M'Robert Jonas He is a junior named after his father and beats the daylights out of anyone who says anything bad about him
    5. Baxter Anne Li- has her mothers maiden anem as her first but often felt liek her parents really wanted a boy

    6. Kayleeigh Aevah- a 5 year old whose parents were trying to be Kreative, but instead caused her a life a misery she will always have to spell it out

    7. Jessamine Aalia Faye- a young african american woman who just graduated from nursing school, she is hardworking, and has a great attitude

    8. Lexie Marie Kelley- her parents gave her a very cutesy name unfortunatley shes 16 now and feels the name is too babyish

    9. Amethyst John Macsen- he got a girly first name people tease him and call him Amy he lives in his parents basement and is a real nerd

    10. Jacob James Jones- his parents named all three of there kids with the letter J, He hates being one of 4 Jacobs in his class, he's very into sports

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