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    Im going to change my name! Help me find one please!!

    Hey, Im from Turkey and noone can pronounce my name right. Im moving to usa next year. Im 16. I want to get a nickname and use it for a while and then I will change my name to that forever.

    My current name is Ece. Which is pronounced like: Eh-che.
    My surname is Eryavuz, pronounced like: Er-yah-wuzh (hard, ha?:D)

    Im an actress, I also do modeling and I write songs. So I want a cool name. (not a name like: emma)
    I want a name which is also PRONOUNCABLE and commun.
    I dont want people to say: "what???" when I tell them my name..(because I get that alot now. lol.)

    I dont want a name that means religious things...
    Im a gemini girl :) Im fun, intelligent and weird.
    I am brunette with big green eyes and kinda big lips.
    Im 5'3

    So I hope you help me out here!!!!!
    thanks alot

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