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    How would you pronounce this?


    It is a form of Isla, so would it be EYE-ELA?

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    Re: How would you pronounce this?

    Hm...I would tend to pronounce it Izz-la. It's the first time I see this name, it depends on how to pronounce it...but I think it is pretty :)
    I'd like to know the real and official pronounciation of the name. I'm wondering :)

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    Re: How would you pronounce this?

    One little born 1/14

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    Re: How would you pronounce this?

    I guessed EE-se-la

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    Re: How would you pronounce this?

    I wouldn't give Namepedia much credence as an ultimate source for pronunciation or anything else. Isela seems to be an invented variation of Isla or a short form of Gisela or perhaps just an invention on its own, and as seems clear from the comments here, can be pronounced in a range of ways, from ice-la to ih-SEH-la to i-see-la. Or like Ursula, but with an I at the beginning.

    The fame of Isla Fisher has both popularized her name and familiarized people on its pronunciation, but Isela just starts the confusion all over again.
    Pam Satran

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