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    Re: Is this name too out there?

    I love Juliette Noelle!

    To me, Vesper doesn't match Juliette in style, I am afraid. The -ER ending makes it much less feminine, and it seems modern in comparison. The first thing I think of upon hearing it are Vespas, too (the motorbikes).

    I love the suggestion of Ora, though.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Is this name too out there?

    I like the name Vesper, but agree that people would go "huh?", especially paired with Juliette- Vesper and Juliette doesnt flow for me.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: Is this name too out there?

    Juliette Noelle is gorgeous! However i do not like Vesper. It sounds very mean and violent to me, along of the lines of Gunner, Talon, Striker, so on and so forth. It sounds very masculine and they just dont go asa sib set to me


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    Re: Is this name too out there?

    I really do like Vesper, especially with Rosalind (which femmes it up a little).

    It is a little different to Juliette, but chances are they will be glad to have names seperate to each other.

    I say go for it!

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    Re: Is this name too out there?

    I really like it :)

    I agree that it doesn't go too well with Juliette but I don't think that sibling names have to go really well together. Mine and my brothers names are completely diffrent, different syllables, different styles and different origins and no-one has ever been shocked or asked why we have such different names. I definitely say go for it if you really love it!

    good luck :)

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