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    Is this name too out there?

    So I just read the post at Appellation Mountain on the name Vesper. (

    Is this name too weird or too James Bond-associated to use? I mentioned it to my husband and for once he liked a name I suggested! I think it has a soft sound, but a sort of cool and hip look. Plus, we're both Catholic, so I like the connotation with the prayers.

    But is it too not-like-a-regular-name? Our first daughter is Juliette Noelle and we've gotten so many compliments on her name, I would hate for her sister to have a name that makes people go, "huh?" On the other hand... I do think it's pretty and interesting... What are your thoughts, Name-o-philes? :)

    We'd probably be using my husband's mother's name as a middle name: Vesper Rosalinda.


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