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Thread: Breanne/a

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    What are your thoughts on the name Breanne/a? Does it sound dated to you or is it a classic name?

    I know it's popular at the moment, but both the hubs and I really love the nickname Bree and Brea, plus the idea that is honors his Granny Annie.

    We went to high school with a girl names Breanna who would now be 28....because of this we are both worried that the name might sound dated. However, her name might have just been ahead of the trend.

    What are your opinions??

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    Re: Breanne/a

    I was almost named Breanna (except, I think my parents were going to spell it Brianna)

    I'm in the around-thirty age group, so it feels a bit dated to me, however, it feels like one that never got a ton of exposure, so still pretty. I much prefer it spelled with an 'e'

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    Re: Breanne/a

    I like it. It's always been on my top ten lists during pregnancy.

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    Re: Breanne/a

    It doesn't sound dated to me, I know several Breanne/Breannas who are all my age (mid-teens) and one who's about 10. I think it's very pretty and if you both like it and honours someone special then it seems perfect:)

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Breanne/a

    Does sound dated to me, to about mid 1990s, but spelled Brianna. A 28-year old Brianna would be somewhat ahead of the curve - it debuted on the records in 1976 (not a classic) at 932, and by 1981 was up to 323 on the ssa records. Breanne/Breanna, or Briana have been less popular ways to spell this name.

    Brianna is the most popular spelling, peaked at #14 in 1999 and is currently at 23 - not that it's not popular now, but is already declining. Briana with an I and one N peaked in 1994 at #68. Breanna is an alt-spelling (i.e. Briana is a fem. of Brian, although not prn Bri-anna, rather bree-anna), and did not enter the ssa chart until 1979 at #803, and was from #74-76 at peak between 1994 and 1999 and is now at 168.

    The numbers show a relatively quick ascent, which usually means a rapid descent, a fad, a trend, the fashion of the times, and appeared out of nowhere in the 1970s. Breanne actually peaked earliest - #470 in 1991, and left the top 1000 in the year 2000, more probably because -anna or -ana names became more fashionable than -anne names (like Joanne or Deanne, but also Julianne, etc.; people use -ana more now). I don't think of this name as a classic in the least. It's not a terrible name, but it is somewhat in the fashion of (any spelling of) Brittany, at around the same time. It was appealing to many people in a short window of time and has been overall "dropped" for the next big thing. Brianna still maintains a fairly popular position on the charts, but so does Madison, Abigail, Samantha, Alyssa, Hannah, Ashley and Taylor. Those names all seem like they had their day a while ago, but obviously many people are still choosing them.

    I used this page for my info:

    (If you are unfamiliar with this reference): It won't let me copy the search results page, but in the lower right corner, input any name you like, and however many years (I input 200 even though the records start in 1880 because it's large enough and I'm lazy typer) you want to see the trend. Once on the output page, you can change the name in the field and it will bring back the same number of years you input, if the name has been in existence for that long, or it will start with the debut year and end with the last year the name was top 1000.

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